Welcome to the Revolution!

The 2020 Plan provides a new Constitution for Humanity that is founded upon the first and foremost priority of protecting Human Rights and Civil Rights

The 2020 Plan provides a means of Restoring Justice in the world by applying the Law of Nature.

The 2020 Plan provides a New Model for Government based upon a A Decentralized Open Source Interface. THE ONLY model that entirely eliminates the nightmarish bureaucracy of 1,000’s of agencies, that entirely eliminates all politicians and bureaucrats from the equation, and rightfully puts power directly into the hands of people.

The New Model of 20 Infrastructure Departments and 20 Offices of Management provides an elegant system that enables the efficient and effective operation of our socioeconomic infrastructure by synergistically incorporating all industries, trades, and sciences to work cooperatively as one symbiotic organism. 

The 2020 Plan provides the way to TRANSITION INTO THE FUTURE!!!

Opt out of the Problem!

Opt-In to the Solution!

Opt-In to The 2020 Plan!