A New Decentralized Open Source Interface

Building a radically new interface that will change the world is not an impossible task to achieve. Actually, between all of the existing government agencies on the local, county, state, and national levels there is an incredible redundancy of operations with thousands of software engineers, database technicians, and web developers who are all attempting to solve the same fundamental problems to no avail. By implementing The 2020 Plan right now, all of these individualized efforts can be seamlessly joined together to create one decentralized open source interface that can be freely used by everyone.

Within all of the elite tech companies are thousands and thousands of talented programmers who have the adept skills to hack away at all of these problems quite easily if only their creative spirits were not consumed by working for the evil empire. We need to realize that the evil empire can only continue to exist by feeding upon the intelligence and talent of good people who are the true life force of innovation which currently is enabling these monopolistic industries to strangle the entire planet. Well it is time to quit enabling these criminal psychopaths to use technology for evil and get with the open source revolution because all of these companies are about to be made entirely obsolete.

People may think that it is impossible to replace a megalith like Facebook, Google, or Microsoft because there is no way to compete with these giant companies. But actually it really is not that difficult to develop some simple software that will make them ALL entirely obsolete. And I’m going to tell you right now exactly how it can be done.

See, these giant companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft don’t really provide the services and products that they allege to the consumer. The purpose of Facebook is not actually to connect the world and improve social networking. The purpose of Google is not really to help people search the internet. The purpose of Microsoft is not to design a nice operating system for your computer. The only purpose of companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft is to keep everyone trapped using their terrible products so they can steal the private and personal metadata of billions of people, sell it to other evil companies, shamelessly target consumers with customized advertisements, and make TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. That is in fact their one and only true purpose. And because these companies have this one and only real purpose of being evil, the software that is offered for people to use works like TOTAL SHIT! But that’s okay, we don’t need to be dependent upon them any longer.

See, we don’t need to build all these fancy algorithms to steal peoples data because that’s not our purpose. And because we’re not stealing people’s data, we don’t even need all those giant server rooms because we are simply going to allow everyone to just keep their own data. That saves a lot of money. The interface of the future is not in any way dependent upon external hosting and is simple open source software that can run on just about any old computer. Instead of uploading all of your pictures and stories to Facebook, you can just upload them to your personal computer or mobile device and they will be privately saved on your own personal hard drive and from there this software will simply help you to share your content with others if you so choose. Best of all, there’s no limit to the file size you can share. There’s no limits to the types of files you can share. There’s no violations of policy for “unapproved content”. There’s no censorship. It’s basically just a program that connects two computers and allows you to share stuff with all of your family and friends. 

This reality actually isn’t too far away, and people all over the world are already developing open source projects towards this goal. A few noble projects I found that are already up and running are Holochain.org, Retro Share, Riot.im, and Matrix.org which are getting very close to the product that many of us are collectively envisioning but still need a bit of assistance in development. The world right now needs one simple open source product that serves the function of encrypted peer to peer communication and file sharing for everyone on earth to immediately abandon Fakebook FOREVER…completely done. It’s that close.

To achieve this goal I put forth the following proposition. 

Every year billions of dollars are wasted on political campaigns. During the 2012 presidential race alone $2.6 BILLION was spent on political campaigns. During the entire 2016 election cycle, candidates running for federal offices spent a total of  $6.8 BILLION on political campaigns

Just look at all the political campaigns that went absolutely nowhere even this election cycle. Just in the primary elections alone for the Democrat’s Party: Sanders, $180 million. Warren, $120 million. Buttigieg, $100 million. Biden, $86 million. Klobuchar, $52 million. Harris, $40 million. Yang, $38 million. Booker $25 million. O’Rouke, $17 million. Gillibrand, $16 million. Gabbard, $14 million. Bennet $7 million. Hickenlooper, $3 million. A BILLION DOLLARS has been spent just over the course of this past year on FAILED political campaigns…just in the primaries…for ONE PARTY. What do you get out of this? A bumper sticker? A yard sign? A billboard? Some advertisements? It accomplishes absolutely nothing! There is not a single useful product that is created with all of this money! 

And once again, A BILLION DOLLARS is being spent just on one primary, for one party, in one election cycle, FOR ONE SINGLE OFFICE! This doesn’t even count the other BILLIONS being spent on all of the other parties and candidates running for office in all of the other federal, state, country, and municipal elections. A tremendous waste of potential that can be applied much more efficiently and effectively if it were to serve a genuine purpose. Think of all the money wasted over the years. Ron Paul, $28 Million. Gary Johnson $12 million. Jill Stein, $3 million. What was achieved? NOTHING!!!

So how about this, what if instead of donating to fleeting and failing political campaigns we INVESTED into developing a tangible product that can be permanently utilized forever and ever by all human beings on the planet?

Here’s the plan…simply: DO NOT DONATE ONE PENNY to any politician or political campaign…EVER!!! Instead, together we invest into developing a decentralized open source interface that permanently allows everyone in the entire world to freely connect. 

Now which would you rather have with your money? A politician, or a tangible resource that can be utilized?

This is a calling for people around the world to come together and develop an innovative product of technology that will be made freely accessible to all humankind. 

This interface not only will replace all the evil companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, but it will also provide tools that enable people to directly participate in public affairs and cooperatively manage our socioeconomic infrastructure without the need of any politicians or bureaucrats. This is fundamentally a decentralized operating system that works by the voluntary free association of like minded people working towards a common cause of peace and prosperity.

Here’s how the plan works: 

First step; stop wasting money on political campaigns. NOT ONE PENNY! NOT ONE CENT! EVER!!!

Second step: invest into developing a new decentralized open source interface that enables the world to freely connect.

Guess what, the cost of building this product is not that expensive. If every person simply donated just $1 we could actually hire all of the software engineers, database technicians, and web developers that are needed to build the entire platform. The problem is always that good people developing free open source technology that actually benefits the world often can’t hardly get two cents to rub together! 

So for this purpose, The 2020 Plan is launching a bold new initiative: DIVERT ALL MONEY that is currently being wasted on failing political campaigns, billions of dollars every year, into hiring a team of talented engineers, programmers, and developers to build an innovative product of open source technology that will be made freely available to the entire world.

Unlike political campaigns that are fleeting and ephemeral. This is a proposition for perpetual growth. This product will continuously advance and become more developed every year and the many useful applications will only get better over time.

What if instead of voting for a politician, instead we vote to elect an entirely new system for government? 

We will still fully exercise all of our civil rights to engage in every way possible within the democratic process of our existing political system. But we need to do one thing right now and STOP ELECTING POLITICIANS WITH NO SOLUTIONS! Instead we unify together the entire political spectrum from left to right and elect into office intelligent people that we personally vet and trust from our community who will swear an oath to immediately upon stepping into office replace the entire government bureaucracy with a new model as is outlined in The 2020 Plan. 

In order to filter out the crooks, we need to ensure first and foremost that any person elected into office is absolutely in no way whatsoever connected to the criminal establishment that now controls the existing two party system. If a candidate for office is in any way related to the 1% deep state criminal establishment, they mine as well sit this one out. A little sunshine is the best disinfectant to the dark money, secret influence, and criminal lobbying that has corrupted our government. 

The 2020 Plan is a platform for anyone, living anywhere, to pick up and run with as a tool for getting elected into public office. We don’t need to spend any money on expensive advertisements because this revolutionary idea will spread rapidly on its own. We will work together in a global collaboration to develop free and open source tools and resources that anyone can utilize wherever they may live. Working cooperatively with a decentralized interface for direct participation will initiate a holistic transformation of our civilization, kickstart our economy, and enable us to build a sustainable infrastructure that can abundantly provide for all of our needs.