Declaration of Interdependence

In order to ensure the preservation of life and liberty in the world it is necessary to dissolve the bondage of tyranny that is enslaving humanity and boldly announce a new Declaration of Interdependence.

Constitution for Humanity

This is a proposal to adopt a new Constitution for Humanity that is soundly based upon a foundation of Human Rights, Civil Rights, and the Law of Nature.

Human Rights

Human Rights are essential freedoms and liberties that all people are endowed with by nature. Human Rights are infinite and unlimited to the extent that all must abide by the Golden Rule which can be stated simply as “Do No Harm”.

Civil Rights

Civil Rights are civil procedures that are established by people within a civilized society for the purpose of ensuring peace, justice, and the preservation of human rights.

Law of Nature

The Law of Nature is the inviolable law which governs the entire universe. By observing the laws of nature, humans are empowered to thrive in life, manifest prosperity, and advance civilization.

A New Model for Government

The 20/20 Plan is offering a new model for government in the form of a holistic operating system that can be freely utilized for the efficient and effective management of our socioeconomic infrastructure.

Decentralized Open Source Technology

The future of the world depends upon decentralized open source technology that has the power to liberate humanity. As an alternative to politics, a “revolution” is achieved by delivering innovative new technology to the world that makes the old and archaic systems become totally obsolete.

The New Model for Government is composed of 20 Areas of Infrastructure and 20 Areas of Operation which provides an elegant system architecture that enables the efficient and effective operation of our socioeconomic infrastructure by synergistically incorporating all industries, trades, and sciences to work cooperatively as one symbiotic organism. This new design is built upon a Universal Classification System for information that combines the taxonomies of various classification systems into one.