Welcome to the Revolution!

This is an open invitation to radically transform the world:

We have an opportunity in this unique moment to seize hold of our inherent powers and utilize our collective strengths, skills, resourcefulness, and intelligence to develop an entirely new way of life that enables thriving sustainability, super abundance, and absolute freedom.

We possess incredible abilities that have lifted humankind out of the dark ages into a world of light and technological marvels.

Mysteries of the universe which have puzzled the minds for centuries have now been solved and the doorways to the future are wide open.

Behold, we have the rare privilege of being alive to experience the spectacular bounties and wondrous potential that is right now within our grasp. We are a civilization of high technology and state of the art industry standing as a testament to the power of supreme innovation and craftsmanship passed on to us over many generations.

It has been the driving spirit of geniuses throughout the ages that has brought forth from the aether these magnificent gifts; with a relentless dedication to uplift humanity, to relieve people’s suffering, and to fulfill a commitment to achieve absolute virtuosity in pursuit of the noblest ideals. These gifts of innovation have been bestowed upon us by generations of spirited artisans partaking upon painstakingly laborious endeavors; often with little recognition of all the personal trials, tribulations, and adversities that were necessary to overcome in order to deliver a truly exceptional contribution to the world that seemingly manifested itself so effortlessly.

Through the tireless work of outstanding human beings who stood before us we have attained these bountiful gifts. Now we are at a point in history where we hold these great powers that will benevolently serve the world for true liberation.

It is hereby our sacred duty to fulfill a divinely sanctioned providence; that we may utilize all of our inherent capacities, strengths, and creative forces to achieve in our lifetime an idyllic glory.

Standing before us awaits the fulfillment of our ultimate destiny: To liberate humankind from suffering by the forces of evil and in the divine image of God to create Heaven on Earth.

The 20/20 Plan

To ensure the preservation of life and liberty it is hereby necessary to dissolve the bondage of tyranny that is enslaving humanity and to urgently proclaim an immediate Declaration of Interdependence.

The 20/20 Plan provides a Constitution for Humanity that is founded upon the protection of Human Rights and Civil Rights

The 20/20 Plan is introducing a means of Restoring Justice in the world by simply applying the Law of Nature.

The 20/20 Plan is introducing a New Model for Government that is operated and controlled by people via a Decentralized Open Source Interface. The purpose of this endeavor is to develop a sophisticated new information technology and deliver a highly functional product to the world which all people can freely utilize for many applications.

The New Model which is composed of 20 Infrastructure Departments and 20 Offices of Management provides an elegant system architecture that enables the efficient and effective operation of our socioeconomic infrastructure by synergistically incorporating all industries, trades, and sciences to work cooperatively as one symbiotic organism. 

20 Infrastructure Departments20 Offices of Management
Agriculture and ForestryArts, Culture, and Recreation
Buildings, Housing, and Real EstateBusiness and Commerce
Civil EngineeringCommunication
Construction Education
Emergency Management and Public Safety Employment
Energy Environment
Health Law Enforcement, Military, and Security
Manufacturing Resources
Sanitation and Waste Management Social Services
Accounting and AuditingArchitecture and Engineering
Community RelationsComputers and IT
Data, Statistics, and AnalyticsEconomics
Ethics and PhilosophyFinance
Human ResourcesInformation
Innovation and TechnologyInspection and Investigation
LawMaintenance and Repairs
Management and GovernaceMedia and Social Media
Policy, Rules, and RegulationsProcurement and Contracting
Records and ArchivesScience

The 20/20 Plan provides the way to TRANSITION INTO THE FUTURE!!!

Opt-Out of the Problem and Opt-In to the Solution!

Opt-In to The 20/20 Plan!

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