Resource Problems

Supply Chain Collapse

~ The workers who keep global supply chains moving are warning of a 'system collapse' - YouTube ~ Transport leaders warn of worldwide system collapse in supply chains due to COVID-19 - YouTube ~ The global supply chain chaos; trucking industry may be...

Resource Solutions

Reuse Centers

Websites Austin Creative Reuse – Fostering conservation and reuse through creativity, education and community building Big Reuse - Big Reuse Building Cortland ReUse - Cortland ReUse Campaign for the Next Generation Reuse Center — Boston Building Resources Chickasaw...


Website The Freecycle Network

Tool Libraries

VideosWebsites Asheville Tool Library Berkeley Tool Lending Library Carlisle Tool Library – Building a Better Community Chicago Tool Library HNL Tool Library L.A. County Tool Lending Library Local Tools - Find Your Local Tool Lending Library MN Tool Library Modcon...