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VideosArticles Germany's Mittelstand businesses - CNN Understanding the German Mittelstand’s contribution towards making Germany a manufacturing world leader - Medium Facts and Stats Mittelstand - Wikipedia


Videos  Articles Chemurgy – we don’t need to pollute – 84Ground George Washington Carver and Henry Ford at the Carver Nutrition Laboratory, Dearborn, Michigan, 1942 - The Henry Ford Henry Ford, Charles Kettering and the fuel of the future - Environmental history...

Mining Problems

Abandoned Mines

500,000 Abandoned Mines In US Are Like Ticking Time Bombs - Abandoned Mines - Earthworks EPA says it isn't monitoring an estimated 161,000 abandoned mines - The Guardian Ground Collapse: Old mines and prospects and sinkholes - NC DEQ The dizzying scope of...

Abandoned Wells

Mainstream News Abandoned wells are a huge climate problem. The United States has more abandoned wells than we thought - The Washington Post Forgotten oil and gas wells linger, leaking toxic chemicals - AP News How the US Plans to Plug 1 Million Toxic 'Orphan' Oil...

Cobalt Mining

DocumentariesNews Reports Blood cobalt: One of the poorest countries on Earth is paying a heavy price for the world’s green energy revolution - ABC News Blood, Sweat, and Batteries: Two-thirds of the world's cobalt, an essential ingredient in our smartphones and...

Coltan Mining

Documentaries Blue Gold — the trail of misery leading to your iPhone - Medium Child miners: the dark side of the DRC’s coltan wealth - ISS Africa Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo mine for coltan and face abuse to supply smartphone industry - ABC News...

Mountaintop Removal

DocumentariesNews Reports Aerial Photos Show The Sheer Destruction Of West Virginia’s Mountaintop Removal Mining - Business Insider Community Impacts of Mountaintop Removal - Appalachian Voices Destroying Precious Land and Communities- The Devastating Practice of...

Uranium Mining

Navajo NationDocumentary Abandoned uranium mines continue to haunt Navajos on reservation - AZ Central Cold War-Era Uranium Mining Continuing To Cause Cancer In Navajo Women And Newborns - All Thats Interesting For The Navajo Nation, Uranium Mining's Deadly Legacy...