Police are overwhelmed by the surge in crime across the country and are no longer responding to calls if the crime is considered not to be an emergency or a low priority. Officers don’t show up to the scene when people need help for burglaries, robberies, car thefts, vandalism, property damage, shoplifting, or car accidents. The public is left alone to fend for themselves without any substantial effort from law enforcement to apprehend offenders and restore justice for the victims.

Austin, Texas

~ APD to stop police response to non-emergency calls FOX 7 Austin – YouTube

~ APD to stop responding to non-emergency calls Friday FOX 7 Austin – YouTube

~ Austin,Texas PD Will No Longer-Respond-To Non-Emergency Calls – YouTube

Asheville, North Carolina

~ Asheville Police no longer responding to some calls due to officer shortage – WSPA – VIDEO

~ Asheville police release list of calls officers will no longer respond to – YouTube

Atlanta, Georgia

Bakersfield, Kern County, California

Chicago, Illinois

~ Chicago police will no longer respond to all 911 calls – Fox News – Video

Detroit, Michigan

~ Detroit restaurant owner upset over lack of police response to emergency call – YouTube

L.A., California

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Portland, Oregon

San Francisco

~ San Francisco Mayor London Breed released her plan Thursday morning to reform the San Francisco Police Department. – ABC 7 – VIDEO

St. Paul, Minnesota

~ St. Paul Police To Stop Responding ‘Low Priority Calls’, Prioritizing Violent Incidents – YouTube

Tazewell, Tennessee

~ Tazewell Police no longer responding to non-emergency calls amid COVID-19 case increase – YouTube

Tuscon, Arizona