The Dutch are some of the most prolific farmers on the planet. The Netherlands, a small country just slightly larger than the state of Maryland, is the 2nd largest agricultural exporter in the world. Growing such an abundant harvest of crops on such a small area of land is a remarkable accomplishment that serves as a model for other countries to emulate.

Recently, the globalist government in the Netherlands began imposing strict limits on nitrogen to “reduce emissions”, and has plans to forcibly seize and shut down 3,000 farms, reducing livestock by 1/3.

Throughout history, foricible farm seizures by authoritarian governments have repeatedly causesd catastrophic famines followed by mass starvation. The “collectivization” of farms in the Soviet Union under Stalin caused famines in Russia in 1921, and in Ukraine and Kasakhstan in 1930, whereby tens of millions of people died from starvation. The collectivization of farms in Moaist China, initially called “The Great Leap Forward”, caused what later became known as “The Great Chinese Famine” beginning in 1959 where some estimate 50 million people starved to death. In Zimbabwe under the regime of Mugabe thousands of farms were seized from white farmers for redistribution which caused economic collapse, famine, and mass starvation in the 2000’s. More recently in South Africa, farms of white farmers are being seized, and now the country is suffering from food shortages and on the verge of total collapse.

There is a common pattern of the most prolific food producers on the planet being targeted by communist governments. Genocidal famine is engineered to murder opposition groups, undermine self reliance, and consolidate power into the authoritarian state which pillages resources for distribution to the most corrupt.

Before collectivization, the Ukraine was one of the most prolific grain producers in the world. In just a few short years all the grain was confiscated causing what is known as the “Holodomor” which translates to “muder by starvation”.

Zimbabwe was called the “breadbasket of Africa”, and in just a few short years of farm seizures the agricultural infrastructure was enitrely decimated making the country dependent on food aid even today.

The Dutch farmers of the Netherlands should be celebrated for their noble work in providing food for the world. And yet once again, some of the most prolific farmers on the planet are being targeted by neo-communism. The only difference is instead of being called “collectivization”, today it is called “globalization”. What was then called “The Great Leap Forward” is now being called “The Great Reset”.

Let’s not let the Netherlands turn into another Zimbabwe. We must not allow authoritarian governments to engineer another catastrophic famine. We must oppose these insane globalist initiatives in order to prevent a modern Holodomor.

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2nd Largest Agricultural Exporter in the World