Chicago World’s Fair 1893

Take a look at how Chicago looked back in 1893! An incredible feat of craftsmanship to build an entire city in just 3 short years, and gotdam they sure don’t build em like that anymore. I hope people take a minute to remember the real history of greatness and glory this country was bound to achieve and tell the stories like that one time when Tesla flipped on the AC power to illuminate the entire world bringing humankind into a revolutionary new age of technological miracles sparking the modern renaissance. Did it right here in the good ole USA. Eiffel tower could kiss my ass compared to this shit right here. This was the beautiful society we were in the process of creating. All cultures converging around the globe to celebrate the spectacular advancements in science, industry, and art. We were on a path that was destined to create a world of true peace and abundant prosperity. People tend to look around at our dilapidated wastelands of urban sprawl and think this dystopian nightmare of artificial scarcity, debt, and poverty is normal without realizing we solved all this shit back in 1893!