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Art Problems

Ticketmaster / Live Nation

Scalping 'A public relations nightmare'- Ticketmaster recruits pros for secret scalper program - CBC News 'Industrial-scale ticket scalping.' Senators grill Ticketmaster over Taylor Swift concert fiasco - USA Today Report: Ticketmaster Is Colluding With Ticket...

Selling Art / Peddlers Licenses

Artist Could Face 15 Years In Prison For Recording His Own Arrest Chris Drew was finally ready to get arrested. An artist and activist, Drew had spent years protesting a Chicago ordinance that puts tight restrictions on where and how people can sell their art on the...

Amusement Taxes

For your entertainment: Latest Chicago tax hike hits concerts, theater - Illinois Policy Institute

Licensing Fees

Music licensing agency putting squeeze on local governments for fees - The Batavian

Radius Clause

How One Insanely Popular Music Festival Is Keeping You From Seeing Your Favorite Bands Radius clauses are neither new nor news. Every major festival imposes them, rightfully, to keep their big-money acts from playing local shows that could harm ticket sales. If, say,...

Cultural Problems

Cultural Engineering – Tavistock Institute

VideosDoctor John Coleman - Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (Full AudioBook)The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations - John D. Coleman - Internet Archive