When Henry Ford “revolutionized the automobile” he didn’t take a posse into the headquarters of General Motors and stage a coup de tête. By his remarkable innovation in manufacturing he was able to rapidly deliver in mass a superior quality product to the world that was cost affordable and easily accessible to the average person.

Point being, a revolution is fundamentally about delivering a superior quality product to the world. By virtue of a product’s own inherent value, merit, and usefulness the invention is naturally adopted by people on a basis of personal need. You don’t need to artificially force a product upon people. If the product is really good then people will naturally want to have it for their own personal use.

The goal of “the revolution” is to simply create a better product than anything else which currently exists on the market and introduce it to the world for people to utilize. It is that simple.

This is about delivering a revolution of innovation and technology. Once people use a better product no one will ever want to go back to the old one. By developing a better engineered system the dysfunctional system we have today will naturally become obsolete.

The existing system of government in place today is not the vehicle that will take us to our destination. Using this outdated model is like riding a broken carriage being pulled by a mule when we currently live in a world with electric powered self driving vehicles.

It is time to revolutionize government and deliver a superior quality product to the world! We can do better!

The 20/20 Plan offers a new model to transform government with a revolutionary decentralized opensource information technology. The new model incorporates all existing operations of our socioeconomic infrastructure into one elegant system that is optimized for efficient and effective management of resources.

When you compare the two systems, the existing government bureaucracy to the simplicity and elegance of The 20/20 Plan, it is easy to see how terrible our existing system is today and gain a crystal clear vision of how a new model can operate.

No person would EVER in their right mind want to choose to keep the failing government bureaucracy the way it is today if only there was another viable choice. We have the ability to build the alternative!

There is not a need for violence and chaos to create a revolution. Violence and chaos is counter productive towards the revolutionary goal. At this time there is a dire need for creation and innovation. It is essential that we cooperatively work together to deliver a highly functional product to replace the broken system.

The 20/20 Plan is a call for innovators and engineers to develop a new open source decentralized information technology that can serve to benefit all people of the world.

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