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Agriculture Problems

Billionaires Getting Farm Subsidies

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) put together a list of 50 billionaires on the Forbes 400 List of Wealthiest Americans who have received federal farm subsidies. The list includes billionaire families like the Pritzker Family whose company Chicago Mill &...


For decades, industrial waste has been diverted through municipal sewage treatment plants and sold as farm fertilizer. Vast swaths of land have now been permanently poisoned with industrial toxins like PFAs and other forever chemicals that don't break down naturally...

Family Farms in Peril

Family Farms are Being Taken Over by Big Corporations The decline of the small American family farm in one chart "Peak farm, as it happens, happened almost 80 years ago in the United States. The number of farms in the country has fallen by some 4 million between then...

Farmer Suicide

Why are America’s farmers killing themselves? "The suicide rate for farmers is more than double that of veterans. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggested that male farmers in 17 states took their lives at a rate two times higher than...


Farmageddon the Movie - Bitchute

Farm Subsidies

Corporate Subsidies for the Rich are Destroying Family Farms How Farm Subsidies Became America's Largest Corporate Welfare Program "Farm subsidies are distributed not on the basis of need, but with regard to two other criteria: (1) the type of crop grown, with 90...


Bayer, Glyphosate, Beer, Wine, and Pizza

Land Usage is Unsustainable

Land Use Only a small amount of land is needed to provide all of the grains, fruits, and vegetables that humans require for food (77m Acres). Almost twice as much land is used to provide feed for livestock (127m Acres). And about 8.5 times as much land is used for...


Monsanto The World According to Monsanto ~ MONSATAN- a Monsanto Documentary - Bitchute ~ Monsanto - FOX News Kills Story & Fires Reporters - YouTube

“Organic” is Not Always Organic

VideoIndependent News Full List of Non Organic Ingredients Allowed in Organic Food - Food Babe The Organic Narrative & Whole Foods Red Flags - WARNING! Products Labeled -Organic-, with GMOs, SEWAGE Sludge, TOXINS - Eco Peaceful When is Organic Not...

Paid Not to Farm

The Government is Using Our Tax Dollars to Pay Elite Farms Not to Grow The USDA is spending billions of tax payer dollars to subsidize corporate farms that don't do any farming, and haven't even planted any crops in years. A report from the U.S. Government...

Repair Bans

VideosMainstream News Should you be able to repair your own tractor or farm equipment? - ABC 7 Denver Tester says -Right to Repair- bill will keep family farms viable - KPAX 8 Independent News Farmer Organizations File “Right-To-Repair” Complaint Against Deere, Urging...

Seed Monopolies

VideosMainstream News Fighting the seed monopoly- 'We want to make free seed a sort of meme' - The Guardian High Price of Monopoly- Why American Farmers Must Buy From Just One Seed Company - HuffPost Resisting the Corporate Theft of Seeds - The Nation Seeds of Life-...

Seed Vault

Something Strange About the Doomsday Seedvault

Seeds of Suicide

Seeds of Suicide by Vandana Shiva Patents on seeds are unjust and unjustified. A patent or any intellectual property right is a monopoly granted by society in exchange for benefits. But society has no benefit in toxic, non-renewable seeds. We are losing biodiversity...

Animal Husbandry Problems

Factory Farming

Factory Farms Dairy is Scary - Industry Explained in 5 Min What's Wrong with Eggs? The Truth About the Egg Industry Turkey Day

Zoonotic Disease

Flu Factories ~ George Monbiot ‘It’s time to bail out the planet’ - YouTube ~ How to prevent the next zoonotic pandemic- - COVID-19 Special - YouTube ~ Plant-Based Food System or System Collapse? Pandemic-Proofing our Plates - YouTube ~ Swine Flu...

Crop Problems


DocumentariesNews Special ReportsMainstream News How America overthrew Guatemala's reformist president - BBC News Bananas, Colombian death squads and a billion dollar lawsuit. Lawyers for 4,000 plaintiffs claim food company Chiquita could be forced to pay billions of...

Cocoa – Chocolate and Child Slavery

DocumentaryVideosMainstream News Child slavery in West Africa- understanding cocoa farming is key to ending the practice - The Conversation Children at Work, Cocoa, Use of child labour on cocoa plantations in Ghana - BBC Chocolate and Child Slavery: Say No to Human...


King Corn

Food Problems

Bottled Water – Microplastics

Videos   Everyday items that could be wrecking your hormones - Express Digest If you drink bottled water, you could double how many microplastic particles you ingest, study says. You're ingesting more than 70,000 microplastic particles each year - CNN...

Bottled Water – Nestle

Videos Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For - Bloomberg Nestlé's Troubled Waters - Story of Stuff The fight to stop Nestlé from taking America's water to sell in plastic bottles - The Guardian ArizonaCalifornia As California’s wells dry up,...

Toxic Baby Food

Videos - Toxins Found in Baby Food High levels of toxins found in more baby food brands, government report says - CBS News New report ranks toxins in baby food - ABC 15 Report finds 95% of tested baby food contained toxic chemicals - AZ Central Some Baby Foods Contain...

Food Insecurity

Food insecurity, or the lack of access to enough healthy food, is a significant problem in the United States, and has gotten worse due to the government shutdown of the economy. Millions of people go hungry including children, elderly, and military families.  One in...

Food Banks with Mile Long Lines

~ Americans wait in miles-long lines as food banks struggle to keep up with demand - Fox News Video Watch the latest video at ~ Cars line up for emergency food pantry at Three Square in Las Vegas - YouTube ~ Demand For Food Aid Across The...

Food Banks Running Out of Food

~ 'Crisis Level' Collin County Food Pantry Distributes Nearly 30 Times Usual Supply Last Month - YouTube ~ Demand at food banks surge as donations plummet - New Day NW - YouTube ~ Food banks on the edge - YouTube ~ Food Pantries Are Running Out Of Food -...

Food Inc.

Food Inc.

Food Waste

Food Waste in the U.S. In the United States, about 40% of all food produced is lost or wasted, which is equivalent to about 133 billion pounds of food per year. In the United States, food waste is estimated to cost about $160 billion per year.  In the United States,...

Food Stamps

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps, is a government program that provides financial assistance to low-income individuals and families to purchase food. The program is intended to help those in need access a more nutritious...

Food Subsidies

The U.S. government provides subsidies for commodity crops such as corn, soy, and wheat, which are often used as ingredients in processed and junk foods. These subsidies contribute to the high rates of obesity and related health problems in the U.S.. A 2016 study by...


Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Food Monopolies

There is a high level of concentration in the global food industry with only a few major companies controlling a large portion of the market. These companies have a dominating influence over the production, distribution, and pricing of food products. Many of these...

Agriculture Solutions


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Dryland Restoration

50 Years Ago, This Was a Wasteland. He Changed Everything | Short Film Showcase

Dryland Water Harvesting

Dryland-harvesting home gathers sun, rain, food, & more


Nebraska retiree uses earths's heat to grow oranges in snow Sunken greenhouse wraps home & feeds suburban antifragile co-op Glasshouse Vegetable Production in the Netherlands, Part 1 Glasshouse Vegetable Production in the Netherlands, Part 2 Chinese Design -...

Holistic Land Management

Running out of Time | Documentary on Holistic Management


~ Annual Hugelkultur Raised Bed Maintenance - Getting Ready For Spring Gardening! - YouTube ~ Building HUGELKULTUR Garden Beds - Shallow Dig Method - YouTube ~ How to build a Hugelkultur Bed - YouTube ~ Hugelkultur ~ Hugelkultur - the ultimate...

Mushroom Farming

~ Mushrooms as Medicine with Paul Stamets at Exponential Medicine - YouTube


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Pest Control

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Soil Microbes

~ Soil Basics- Soil Microbiology - YouTube ~ The Living Soil- How Unseen Microbes Affect the Food We Eat (360 Video) - YouTube ~ 3-Steps to Rapid Soil Regeneration Part 1- Finding the Beneficial Microbes in your Location - YouTube ~ 3-Steps to Rapid Soil Regeneration...


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Farm Tour Series: The Walipini; Use, Design, .and Construction Walipini Design and Analysis

Water Harvesting

~ 5 Most Epic Earth Healing Projects! - YouTube ~ THIS FARM CRACKED THE CODE #1- Water Wizard of Oregon - YouTube ~ Harvesting Water the Permaculture Way - Bitchute ~ India's Water Revolution #4- Permaculture for Wastelands at Aranya Farm -...

Animal Husbandry Solutions


Beaver VideosAll that Raw Beaver Footage You've Been Asking For!Amazing Beaver Dams!Beaver Pond Wildlife


Forest Fire PreventionReforestingClearing Weeds and Invasive SpeciesClearing Poison IvyClearing PasturePresentationsSome More of That Raw Goat Footage You Were Looking For

Sustainable Animal Husbandry

Sustainable Animal Husbandry Videos Raising Animals Sustainably on Pasture - FoodPrint Sustainable Farming- Making a Living on the Homestead with Joel Salatin - Homesteaders of America

Crop Solutions


The Coconut Revolution - Documentary

Cover Crops

~ FALL COVER CROPS WISH I KNEW This 10 Years Ago - YouTube ~ Cover Crops Database - Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program


Industrial Hemp The Hemp Revolution Industrial Hemp Solutions Hemp For Victory - US Government Video (1942) Why Hemp Was Made Illegal

History of Agriculture