Anyone that says “our government would never do something so terrible” has probably never studied the long history of horrific human experiments that the government has conducted on citizens which include biological weapons testing, chemical weapons testing, psychological torture, infecting people with sexually transmitted diseases, forcibly sterilizing women, conducting sadistic experiments on the mentally ill, prisoners, soldiers, the unsuspecting public, and even orphaned children.

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“They were the raw material of medical research,” says Susan Lederer, who teaches medical history at Yale University. She was a member of the presidential committee that investigated the radiation experiments, and she says she wasn’t shocked by the findings because researchers have been using disabled children in experiments for over a century.

“Children in orphanages, children in homes of the mentally retarded, these are all good populations from the sense of medical research, because you have an easily accessible group of people living in controlled circumstances, and you can monitor them,” says Lederer.

Lederer read the study that was conducted at Sonoma State Hospital, and says the children underwent painful experimentation “for which they received no direct benefit.”

“It seems clear that these were intended to enlarge knowledge about cerebral palsy,” adds Lederer.

It did not produce a breakthrough, although Lederer says studies using mentally retarded children were critical in creating vaccines for polio and hepatitis.

Lederer says using captive populations meant big money for medical researchers: “It would even be an advantage in applying for grant money, because you don’t have to go to the problem of recruiting subjects.”

In the case of Sonoma State, records show that when the study began, cerebral palsy admissions there jumped by 300 percent.

“One of the ways that medical directors of such institutions sort of connected themselves to the world of medical research was simply to provide their patients as commodities,” says Lederer. “I mean, we can provide this many guinea pigs for you.”

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