The government is running our country into complete financial ruin. The U.S. national debt has ballooned past $31 TRILLION and has now surpassed the GDP by 120%.

~ U.S. National Debt Clock – Real Time

Back in 2008 it was kind of a big deal when our National Debt Clock ran out of digits.

For a while people were worried that the debt was spiraling out of control.

Since then the debt has nearly tripled.

Now the interest payments alone on the debt total over $1 trillion per year. Think about that for a second, we are now spending over $1 trillion every year just on interest payments that do not even pay off the principle. In other words, we’re totally screwed.

The Federal Government has the same philosophy as Wile E. Coyote when it comes to debt…you won’t fall off the fiscal cliff as long as you don’t ever look down.

~ Interactive Timeline 150 Years of U.S. National Debt – Visual Capitalist

~ Our Debt Clock – Truth in Accounting

Adding up all of the unfunded liabilities the U.S. government owes totals over $156 TRILLION.

Each Taxpayer’s Share: $470,000

Children are now born into debt. Our future generations are expected to pay off a debt that was incurred before they were even alive. This is total madness. This is a crime against humanity. It is a violation of our most fundamental human rights for a child to be born into debt, bondage, and slavery.

Furthermore, we the people of the United States did not authorize or consent to this astronomical debt. I have never signed a contract authorizing these charges to be made in my name. Did you? No. We did not consent to these charges. We did not authorize these charges. We made no financial gains from these charges. All we did was pay our taxes and put money into the system. We never were allowed to take any money out.

So why are we the ones being held responsible to pay back this astronomical debt when all we ever did was pay into the system and continuously hand over our hard earned money while never taking any money out? The fact is that we are not responsible to pay back this debt because we never gave our authorization or consent. We only paid-in to the system, we never got paid-out. The people who got the pay-outs need to start paying-back. We want our money.

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