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~ An Ohio woman was arrested and Tasered at a high school football game for refusing to wear mask – YouTube

~ Arrested for not wearing a mask in Sainsbury’s Supermarket – YouTube

~ Arrested For Not Wearing a Mask – video – Dailymotion

~ Bus driver accused of attacking rider with metal rod for not wearing face mask – YouTube

~ CALIFORNIA- Multiple people arrested for not wearing masks – YouTube

~ Chicago mom, 2-year-old son removed from flight over mask policy – FOX 32 Chicago – VIDEO

~ Chicago mom, son kicked off Southwest flight when he wouldn’t keep mask on – YouTube

~ Colorado mom reacts to being kicked off plane when 2-year-old refused to wear mask- ‘Humiliating’ – Fox News – VIDEO

~ Controversial arrest of mom in Brooklyn subway station after face-mask confrontation – VIDEO

~ Cooks Flea Market arrest- Sheriff says deputy asked man to leave five times – YouTube

~ COVID- Child with autism kicked off plane – YouTube

~ Denver family kicked off flight after 2-year-old refuses to wear mask – CTV News – VIDEO

~ Disabled Army Vet Eric Matthew Braden Taken Down By Cops for Not Wearing Mask in San Antonio Mall – YouTube

~ Family kicked off JetBlue flight over 2-year-old’s mask refusal – YouTube

~ Family says they were kicked off United flight due to 2-year-old’s mask violation – ABC7 – YouTube

~ Family kicked off flight after 2-year-old refused mask speak out on ‘Hannity’ – YouTube

~ Family kicked off flight- Child with autism not wearing mask – YouTube

~ Family kicked off flight after child refuses to wear mask – YouTube

~ Idaho man arrested for not wearing mask at outdoor worship service- ‘Unbelievable’ – Fox News – VIDEO

~ ‘Incomprehensible’- Confrontations over masks erupt amid COVID-19 crisis – ABC News

~ Man arrested by the police for not wearing mask in Quebec – YouTube

~ Man arrested not wearing facemask medically exempt overeaction by B.T. Police . – YouTube

~ Maryland Voter Arrested After Refusing To Wear Mask At Polling Location In Harford County, Police Say – YouTube

~ Melbourne- Victoria – Australia – arrested for not wearing a mask – YouTube

~ Melbourne woman choked by Victoria Police as she resists arrest for not wearing a face mask. – YouTube

~ Mom arrested after subway confrontation over mask wants justice – YouTube

~ Mom Arrested After Confrontation With NYPD Officers Over Face Mask – NBC New York – YouTube

~ Montreal man arrested for disobeying mandatory mask rule in Tim Hortons – YouTube

~ Mother Arrested, Accused Of Fighting With Police Over Mask – YouTube


~ New Hampshire Mom Says She Was Kicked Off Flight After 2-Year-Old Son Wouldn’t Wear Mask – YouTube

~ NH mom says she was tossed off flight after 2-year-old son refused to wear a coronavirus mask – YouTube

~ Police arrest a black women with a child on a bus for not wearing a mask – YouTube


~ Sovereign Citizen Woman Arrested For Refusing To Show ID After Not Wearing A Mask – YouTube

~ Spanish police arrest 14-year-old for not wearing mask – video Dailymotion

REPORT- Melbourne teenager is choked unconscious, thrown to floor for reportedly not wearing a mask – YouTube

~ University of Arkansas police chase, arrest man without mask – YouTube

~ Utah woman assaulted by fellow Walmart shopper for not wearing mask, police say – YouTube

~ Video shows Birmingham police officer slamming woman to ground at Walmart – YouTube

~ Watch- Police violently arrest man for not wearing mask – YouTube

~ Woman pepper sprays couple for not wearing masks – YouTube

~ Woman tased, arrested after not wearing mask at football game in Logan, Ohio – ABC7 – YouTube

~ Woman removed from Palm Beach County meeting for not wearing mask – YouTube

~ Woman Confronts Man For Not Wearing Mask, Throws Coffee In His Face – YouTube

~ Woman throws hot coffee at man for not wearing a mask. – YouTube

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Masks Being Taped to Children’s Faces

~ Academy District 20 investigation states students taped masks to faces based on teacher guidance – YouTube

~ Another Teacher tapes mask on student – YouTube

~ Beloit parent says teacher taped mask to student’s face – YouTube

~ Chinook Trail Middle School teachers directed students to affix face masks with tape – YouTube

~ Colorado Springs Student Says She Was Forced To Tape Mask To Face At School – YouTube

~ Mask Regulations In Schools Trigger Controversy Among Parents – YouTube

~ Mom says substitute teacher taped mask to son’s face – YouTube

~ North Penn Schools Investigate Photo of Teacher Taping Mask to Student’s Face – YouTube

~ Parents Call For North Penn SD Teacher’s Firing After Viral Photo – YouTube

~ Parents Demand Answers Over Photo of Teacher Taping Mask on Student – YouTube

~ Substitute teacher removed from class after allegedly taping masks to the faces of students – YouTube

~ Teacher accused of taping mask to child’s face – STINCHFIELD on Newsmax – YouTube