This is an open invitation to radically transform the world:

 Life is a gift and it is a great blessing to be alive. We exist here on Earth in a beautiful world that provides us with everything we would ever need to thrive and prosper. We have been blessed with a rare and fleeting experience that is immeasurably precious. We have a brief window of opportunity to realize our dreams and manifest our destiny in the world.

We possess the power of free will that enables us to channel our own personal life force and direct the course of our future. The power of our mind has a great ability to impact the physical matter of the universe and initiate a chain reaction of events that unfold in the world.

We have the ability in this unique moment of time to seize hold of our inherent powers and utilize our collective strengths, skills, resourcefulness, intelligence, and creativity to develop an entirely new way of life that enables thriving sustainability, super abundance, and absolute freedom.

We are fortunate to be alive during a remarkable new age of history. It has been a long journey which took course over thousands of years and now here we have arrived. At this time humankind possesses incredible capabilities of scientific innovation which have lifted civilization out of the dark ages into a world of light and technological marvels. Mysteries of the universe which have puzzled the greatest minds for centuries have now been solved and the doorways to an amazing future are wide open. We exist in a world of high technology and state of the art industry which stands as a testament to the power of supreme innovation and craftsmanship that has been passed on to us over many generations. We have a rare privilege of being alive at this time to experience the spectacular bounties and wondrous potential that is right now within our grasp.

We now live in an age of astounding technological advancement and phenomenal mechanical advantage whereby humankind possesses the physical means of production required to provide for all the economic needs of all people on the planet and enable every person alive to enjoy an exceptionally high quality of life. We can easily feed all people, provide every person with clean water, ensure every person is clothed and has shelter. We harness an extraordinary capacity to provide a superabundance of resources, to eliminate poverty and scarcity, and to supply a vast wealth of riches for all.

Never before in history has there ever been such great potential and possibility. Energy is freely harnessed from the sun, water, wind, and even the heat of the Earth. Electrical power can be wirelessly transmitted across the globe. Buildings are constructed that tower into the sky. Nanotechnology builds computers the size of molecules. Fiber optic cables communicate information at the speed of light. Supersonic planes fly faster than the speed of sound. Submarines explore the deepest depths of the sea. Rockets launch satellites into outer space. Ideas that were once thought to be impossible have now been achieved. Lofty and idealistic dreams have now become reality. 

It has been the driving spirit of geniuses throughout the ages that has brought forth from the luminiferous aether these magnificent gifts of a higher inspiration; with a relentless dedication to uplift humanity, to relieve people’s suffering, and to fulfill a lifelong commitment to achieve absolute virtuosity in pursuit of the noblest ideals. These great bounties of liberation have been bestowed upon us by generations of spirited artisans partaking upon painstakingly laborious endeavors; often with little recognition of all the personal trials, tribulations, and adversities that were necessary to overcome in order to deliver a truly exceptional contribution to the world that seemingly manifested itself so effortlessly. Through the tireless work of outstanding human beings who stood before us we have attained these bountiful gifts. Now we are at a point in history where we hold these great powers that will benevolently serve the world for true liberation. 

It is hereby our sacred duty to fulfill a divinely sanctioned providence; that we may utilize all of our inherent capacities, strengths, and creative forces to achieve in our lifetime an idyllic glory and manifest a great vision of absolute virtuosity and beauty.

Standing before us awaits the fulfillment of our ultimate destiny: To liberate humankind from suffering by the forces of evil and in the divine image of God to create Heaven on Earth.