It is time we face the plain truth that it doesn’t matter which politician is elected into office because the entire system is broken. It is senseless to think about voting on which captain will pilot the titanic as the ship is already sinking. Right now it is time we all get aboard a new ship!

This is a proposal for an alternative to politics and a call for civic duty. 

Our entire government is controlled by sociopaths who are a part of an incestuous criminal network of elite families, corporations, financial institutions, central banks, media conglomerates, the military industrial complex, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, energy companies, tech companies, etc. etc. a small group of companies have monopolized every industry, they own every institution, they control everything we buy, they control both political parties and every branch of government. 

The Jeffrey Epstein Network

These criminals have amassed an enormous amount of power by rigging the political system to their advantage, bankrupting economies, they have stolen TRILLIONS of dollars from the hard working public in order to enrich their upper 1%. The psychopaths in power wage illegal wars that have caused the death of millions of innocent human beings all for the purpose of geopolitical domination and the total exploitation of all resources on the planet. 

Good people need to realize that these corrupted, sociopathic, psychopathic, megalomaniacal, kleptomaniacs don’t care about helping people…that is not their agenda. They have no empathy for human suffering. They have no intention of providing aid. They seek to profit off any crisis.

We live in an authoritarian system that for years has created an illusion of democracy to keep people thinking they have a choice. Elections are a charade from the very beginning and our representatives are chosen by the elites in advance. We have no choice. We have no power. We have no participation. The US is not a democracy. Former president Jimmy Carter called the US an “oligarchy with unlimited political bribery” or it can also be defined as a kleptocracy where a group of thieves use government institutions to perpetuate a gigantic theft of public tax money. 

Every election cycle the 2 party system forces a predetermined choice upon the voters that always comes down to picking between a lesser of two evils. However, both the Democrat and Republican parties are controlled by the same elite entities working in the shadows. The right wing calls it the “Deep State”, the left wing calls it the “1%”, call it what you will but there is a small network of criminal lobbies who control both parties and they have infested every branch of government on all levels

We clearly see how both parties work in unison to exclude all independent candidates from contending in elections and only allow the most devout establishment candidates to enter the arena. Impossible restrictions are placed on independent candidates to keep them off the ballot like in Illinois where the two major parties only require 5,000 signatures to get a candidate onto the ballot for governor but 50,000 signatures are required for independents. Independent candidates are not allowed to enter public debates and are completely silenced in the media. And if an independent candidate manages to successfully jump through all the hoops they will be further sabotaged like 2010 Illinois Green Party candidate for governor Rich Whitney whose name was inexplicably printed on the ballot as “Rich Whitey” in the black communities…yep, that actually happened.

And in case all these restrictions may fail, voting machines are rigged so there can never be any transparency of the inaccurately counted votes. When citizen poll watchers in Chicago saw that the electronic vote count was different then the voter’s paper ballot marked by hand, the election officials changed the paper ballots marked by hand to reflect the electronic tally! Right now, congress and state governments are gearing up to spend billions of dollars on faulty equipment while we can easily develop blockchain voting technology that is open source, free, and 100% reliable.

The problems of the electoral system are not an accident they are clearly intentional! It is foolish to think that electing a new politician at any conceivable point in the future will ever make any significant impact in fixing the core problems of the fundamentally corrupt system that is entirely rigged. The one and only real solution is to immediately REPLACE THE ENTIRE SYSTEM!

People have been gearing up for fake elections every four years in a fruitless effort to bring about meaningful change. Like Charlie Brown trying to kick the proverbial football only to have it pulled away at the last second. People have put all of their hopes into believing that a politician is the avenue for change. At the end of it all, the effort repeatedly fails and everyone sits at home for years doing absolutely nothing only to one day retry the whole process all over again.

We can do something different this time!

What if instead of electing a politician…we elected to develop an entirely new interface to manage affairs in our society?

We don’t need any of these politicians or bureaucrats!

We ourselves can manage an alternative system that fundamentally gives power directly to people.

Instead of having corrupt politicians take our tax money by force and enrich themselves through corporate subsidies, this time around we are going to take all that money we worked hard to earn and directly invest it ourselves into our community and build a sustainable future.

Instead of allowing a small group of sociopaths gain total control of the government…good people can come together, dissolve their illegitimate authority, remove them all from power, arrest the criminals at large, and together we take this mother into a whole new age of civilization!

Unlike politicians who make empty promises, this alternative system can be demonstrated. This plan being presented will lay out exactly how to implement a revolutionary transformation of society. Read the manifest and see the picture clearly. 

The explanation focuses upon 3 major parts for engineering a comprehensive system for the future which includes:

  1. A New Constitution for Humanity based upon Human Rights, Civil Rights, and the Law of Nature
  2. A New Model for Government that is designed to optimally manage our socioeconomic infrastructure and which entirely eliminates all bureaucracy
  3. A New Decentralized Open Source Interface for personal interaction in a global community that will replace facebook, google, and all of the other shady tech monopolies which steal our private data

Then the plan will focus on what we can do immediately to take action as individuals and as a unified community to implement the revolution and transition into the future.

Believe it or not we are not broke, we are not helpless. We are living in the richest age of all human history with more technological advancements than the world has ever seen! There is no reason for our economy to be in destitute and for our infrastructure to be collapsing. There is no reason for poverty, suffering, or despair. We have all the resources we need not only to survive but to live in an age of super abundance. 

All of these problems we face now are being manufactured. This chaos does not represent the best of what humanity has the potential to achieve. This chaos is the result of a small group of criminal psychopaths who have gained an authoritarian control of government power and use it to benefit their own sociopathic agenda. Good people around the world need to join forces to stop them immediately and have the criminals at large brought to face justice.

As we move closer to a world of martial law and a police state where our basic freedoms and liberties are being rapidly taken away there is an imperative to move quickly.

This plan embodies the philosophy of creating the path of least resistance, it applies the conservation of charge, and works in accordance with the laws of nature as a means of attaining the most favorable results in the shortest period of time.

The 2020 Plan will present a vision for the future and explain how to rapidly implement a global revolution that will bring the criminals destroying the world to face justice and enable humankind to peacefully transition into a new age of civilization.