Dollars for Docs

~ KVUE Defenders- Dollars for Doctors – KVUE – YouTube

~ Last year alone, more than 1 million doctors received payment from pharmaceutical or medical device companies. “

Conflict of Interest – Undisclosed Ties to Industry

Free Lunch For Doctors Can Cost Patients Their Life

~ ‘Dangerous Practice’- New Report Shows Philly-Area Doctors Received $1.5 Million In Free Lunches From Pharma Companies – CBS3 Philly – VIDEO

~ Freebies to doctors inflate drug costs, study says – Today – VIDEO


Can doctors accept gifts of gratitude from patients they have successfully treated? NO! That’s unethical!!!

“Educational” Seminars

Strategically Bribing Key “Experts” and Medical Influencers

~ Pharmacy companies pay doctors to lecture, teach and do research – YouTube

~ Keiser Report: Sham Speaking Events Laundering Kickbacks (E1333) – YouTube

Drug Companies Bribing the FDA

~ Pharmaceutical firms paid to attend meetings of panel that advises FDA, e-mails show – The Washington Post

Videos – Doctors Taking Bribes to Prescribe

~ Big Pharma to Stop Bribing Doctors? – Light at the End of the Tunnel – YouTube

Mainstream News – Doctors Taking Bribes to Prescribe

Drug Companies Paying off Doctors

~ Big pharma paying big bucks to doctors, hospitals – Global News Canada – VIDEO

~ Doctors and Drug Companies – YouTube

~ Doctors Net Billions From Drug Firms – WSJ – VIDEO

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Drug Companies Bribing Doctors Influences the Prescriptions Patients Recieve

~ Corrupted Pharmaceutical companies – Why you shouldn’t trust your doctors – Dr. Peter Gøtzsche – YouTube

~ Drug Company Payments Influencing Doctors Decisions – YouTube

Doctors Getting Kickbacks

~ Doctor to pay back $2.8 million in kickbacks – YouTube

Doctors Get Kickbacks to Prescribe Drugs

~ Billings doctor indicted in drug-kickback scheme on Montana reservation – YouTube

~ California insurance department sues Abbvie over alleged kickbacks – YouTube

~ Drug Kickbacks- Caught on camera – The Fifth Estate – YouTube

~ J&J gave doctors kickbacks for prescribing their drugs – YouTube

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Doctors Get Kickbacks to Prescribe Opioids

~ Doctors Accused of Taking Kickbacks – YouTube

~ Doctor in Opioid Kickback Scheme Sentenced to Prison – YouTube

~ Feds say Colorado doc got paid 6 figures to overprescribe powerful fentanyl spray meant for cancer patients – – VIDEO

~ News Wrap- Purdue Pharma pleads guilty to federal charges – YouTube

~ NH physician assistant convicted of taking kickbacks for prescribing powerful opioid – YouTube

~ Pharmaceutical companies promoting opioids pay big bucks to local doctors – YouTube

~ Physician assistant on trial for allegedly taking prescription kickbacks – YouTube

~ Purdue Pharma pleads guilty to felony charges, will pay $8 billion – YouTube

~ Study: Doctors Who Prescribe More Opioids Make More Money – YouTube

Novartis Kickback Settlement

~ Drug Company Kickbacks to Doctors and Pharmacists – YouTube

~ Novartis will pay $729 million in U.S. kickback charges – YouTube

Hospitals Paying Kickbacks

Medical Labs Paying Kickbacks

~ Aetna accused Bay Area Regional Medical Center of taking kickbacks – YouTube

~ Eye on Oversight- Kickbacks to Physicians – YouTube

Pharmacies Paying Kickbacks

~ Prescription Drugs – The Costco Kickbacks – The Fifth Estate – YouTube

Medical Device Companies – Kickbacks and Payoffs

~ Why You Should Find Out If Your Doctor Is Being Paid By Medical Device Companies – NBC Nightly News – YouTube

~ Bayer Pharma, Fetal Deaths, and Illegal Kickbacks – YouTube

Insys Bribing Doctors to Prescribe Fentynal to Kids, an Deadly Opioid Stronger than Heroin

~ Addicted to Profit? – NBC News – VIDEO

~ Drug company sales officials bribed doctors to prescribe opioid, federal indictment says – NBC News – VIDEO

~ Drug company whistleblower bribed doctors, wore a wire for the feds – NBC News – VIDEO

~ Federal Indictment: Drug Company Officials Bribed Doctors To Prescribe Opioid – NBC Nightly News – YouTube

~ How prosecutors say drugmaker carried out scheme to sell powerful opioid- Part 1 – Nightline – YouTube

~ Inside alleged scheme Insys Therapeutics used to sell deadly opioid: Part 1 – YouTube

Insys – John Kapoor – Billionaire CEO Arrested in Nation Wide Bribery Scam

~ Billionaire Doctor Accused of Fueling Drug Addiction – Crime Watch Daily – YouTube

~ CEO busted for bribing MDs – YouTube

~ Drug company executives face prison time for role in opioid epidemic – YouTube

~ Drug company’s billionaire ex-CEO arrested in nationwide bribery scam Video – ABC News – VIDEO

~ Federal Indictment: Drug Company Officials Bribed Doctors To Prescribe Opioid – NBC Nightly News – YouTube

~ Insys founder and executives accused of paying bribes, kickbacks to doctors – NBC News – VIDEO

~ Insys Therapeutics founder on trial for drug bribery scheme – YouTube

~ Valley opioid maker arrested for bribing doctors – YouTube

Insys – Strippers and Lap Dances Used to Bribe Doctors

~ Pharma execs used strip clubs, broke FDA laws to boost opioid sales – YouTube

~ Witness: Exec Gave Lap Dance to Doctor in Drug Bribes Scheme – NBC Boston – VIDEO

Insys – Rap Music Video Made to Promote Fentanyl to Kids

~ Subsys Rap Video Created by Insys Pharmaceuticals (More info in description) – YouTube

Insys – Fentanyl Spray is one of the MOST DANGEROUS RX DRUGS

~ Spray form of fentanyl is one of most dangerous Rx drugs – YouTube

Drug Companies Often Send “Sales Reps” to HAVE SEX WITH DOCTORS

Dollars for Docs – How Industry Dollars Reached Your Doctors – Propublica

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are required by law to release details of their payments to a variety of doctors and U.S. teaching hospitals for promotional talks, research and consulting, among other categories. Use this tool to search for general payments (excluding research and ownership interests) made from August 2013 to December 2018. | About the Dollars for Docs Data → | Read the entire series →