Question: How often in the course of daily life do you happen to use the phrase “New World Order” in regular speech to describe your vision for how we should address social issues and implement political policy?

Well chances are, like most of us, you probably don’t tend to use the phrase “New World Order” routinely in ordinary speaking. This is not a common figure of speech that just slips out in day to day conversation. Pretty much nobody ever says “New World Order” around the dinner table or at the town hall when speaking about their personal vision for addressing public issues.

However, if you start to notice, there are certain groups of globalist elites who like to make big plans for us behind our backs and they also tend to quite frequently use the phrase “New World Order”. To see for yourself, take a quick look at the following video clip:

If you watch, it’s really quite odd how much these elite globalist politicians and bureaucrats love to throw a good “New World Order” on top of just about anything. They just can’t help themselves.