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~ Where the Backlog Exists and What’s Happening to End It – ENDTHEBACKLOG

Vides – Untested Rape Kits

~ 9 On Your Side investigates rape kit backlog in East – WNCT9 – VIDEO

~ 400,000 rape kits sitting untested nationwide – USA Today – VIDEO

~ 6,424 untested rape kits in Arizona – YouTube

~ 7,000 backlogged rape kits untested in Missouri- what’s next- – YouTube

~ 13,000 Florida rape test kits backlogged – YouTube

~ 400,000 rape kits left untested in U.S. – YouTube

~ Backlog In Rape Kit Testing Persists – NBC Chicago – VIDEO

~ Call to Action for Untested Rape Kits – YouTube

~ Disturbing new evidence reveals 10K rape kits remain untested – YouTube

~ Forgotten evidence from untested rape kits could bring justice to victims – YouTube

~ I-TEAM- 61 cases under investigation as rape kit test results return – YouTube

~ Massive backlog of untested rape kits is ‘a public safety issue’ that may be letting offenders slip away, experts warn – ABC – VIDEO

~ More rape kits sent to lab for testing – YouTube

~ More than 15,000 untested sex assault kits in NC – YouTube

~ No Justice- How The Chicago Police Department Has Failed To Solve Thousands Of Rape Cases In Last Decade – CBS Chicago – VIDEO

~ Rape Kit Backlog – Full Frontal with Samantha Bee – TBS – YouTube

~ Rape Kits Collect Dust, Victims Robbed of Justice – YouTube

~ Rape victim- Thousands of untested kits a ‘travesty’ – USA Today – VIDEO

~ Report Gives Chicago Police ‘Beyond A Failing Grade’ For Poor Clearance Rate Of Sexual Assault Cases – CBS Chicago – VIDEO

~ Report: More than 3,000 untested rape kits in Kentucky – CNN – VIDEO

~ Some rape kits may be too late to prosecute – YouTube

~ Thousands of Rape Kits Gone Untested Across the U.S. – NBC Nightly News – YouTube

~ Thousands of Untested Rape Kits Sit In Bay Area Police Property Rooms – YouTube

~  ‘Unjustifiable Mistake’- Mpls. Officials Say City’s Backlog Of Untested Rape Kits Is Around 1,700 – YouTube

~  Untested Rape Kits – YouTube

~ Untested rape kits- Revisited – YouTube

~ Why 70% of Tucson Police’s rape kits are untested – YouTube

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~ Exterior of hundreds of rape kits found covered with mold, Austin police say – kvue.com – VIDEO

~ Nearly 850 rape kits growing mold at Austin Police Dept — RT USA News


~ Baltimore County Police Destroyed More Rape Kits Than Stated – CBS Baltimore – VIDEO

~ Destroyed- How the trashing of rape kits failed victims and jeopardizes public safety – CNN – VIDEO

~ KARE 11 Investigates- Police in Minnesota destroyed hundreds of rape kits, putting cases in peril – kare11.com – VIDEO

~ Report- MD police throwing out untested rape kits – YouTube

~ Springfield police- ‘We should never have destroyed rape kits’ – Springfield News-Leader – VIDEO

Tested after Years

~ 24 DNA matches found in first 150 rape kits tested under new law – YouTube

~ 11,341 rape kits left inside Detroit Police storage have now been tested 10 years later – YouTube

~ DNA results found in 900+ untested rape kits in Austin police backlog – YouTube

~ Man Pleads Guilty After Rape Kits Link Him To Attacks – YouTube

~ Rapists ID’d by DNA tests behind bars – YouTube

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