In our country that suffers from an epidemic of murders, shootings, carjackings, and gang violence, the Orwellian police state enforces laws against kids’ lemonade stands.

In the dystopian world of which we live, it has been made illegal for kids to operate lemonade stands without a business license or certified health permit, which could cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. In the U.S.A, land of the free, you can get fined and even arrested for letting your kids sell lemonade. Some kids have been busted for the terrible crime of…raising money for charity and trying to afford a surgery for their sick parent.

Lemonade stands are a way to teach kids about entrepreneurship and business. But the state wants to nurture dependency and doesn’t like to foster competition. This illustrates how we don’t live in a “capitalist” country and how the most basic and elementary market values don’t exist. Even the smallest business opportunity is overregulated to death by cheeky bureaucrats.

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