Take Action Now!

You can start to contribute immediately by holistically balancing your personal life and your surrounding community in a positive state of health and wellness.

The first step is to opt out of the problems and then opt into the solutions.

Completely eliminate all factors in your life that contribute towards imbalance and disharmony. Don’t ever participate in, support, contribute to, concede to, or finance any factors that oppose and reduce your personal state of harmonious balance.

Don’t be a part of the problem! NEVER promote the negative forces of imbalance: death, disease, harm, fear, danger, anger, contempt, hate, violence, greed, lies, ignorance, apathy, pollution, crime, or destruction either directly or indirectly. DO NO HARM!

Be a part of the solution! ALWAYS promote the positive forces of: life, health, healing, trust, safety, happiness, compassion, love, reproduction, generosity, truth, knowledge, willpower, purity, lawfulness, and creation. And DO HELP!

The very first step forward as a society is for each person to secure the 4 basic states of personal health: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.

1. PHYSICAL BALANCE– Preserve your life and health. Prevent disease by cleansing your system and balancing your chemical structure. Take care of your organic machine. Breathe deep. Drink pure water. Eliminate toxins from being ingested, inhaled, or absorbed into your body. Don’t smoke or eat junk food. Eat fresh organic foods with high nutritional content. Only consume foods that will provide your body with the nourishment needed to optimally maintain health and vitality. Ingest healthy foods and juices that facilitate the cleansing process helping to flush toxins out of the body. Avoid unhealthy foods and beverages which impede the cleansing process and store toxins in the body. Exercise the body regularly and be physically active to circulate the blood / lymph and to sweat out any toxins and impurities. A good way to cleanse is with purified water, fruits, vegetables, oils, and fresh juice. Avoid pain and injury; don’t become a casualty.

2. EMOTIONAL BALANCE– Release negative feelings of: fear, sadness, anger, hatred, resentment, guilt, shame, distress and anxiety. Work proactively to deal with and resolve personal conflicts which cause emotional distress. Aim to eliminate all negative emotions by dealing with them positively. Fill the inner void where negative emotions dwell by channeling an even greater source of positive energy. Embody the strength to be: secure, happy, loving, kind, forgiving, patient, uplifting, generous, giving, and compassionate. Be the person that makes others feel good. Bring a joyous spirit into the world.

3. MENTAL BALANCE- Focus your attention upon productive ideas that will lead to positive experience. Relentlessly seek truth, ask questions, and discover answers. Acquire knowledge. Fill your mind with wisdom. Stay sharp and keen. Utilize your capacity for intelligence. Think constructively. Learn and develop new skills. Avoid degenerative mental activities such as television, video games, and any other trivial thoughts. Eliminate thoughts that dull, distort, or pervert the mind. Eradicate untruth. Clear the mind. Meditate; silence all negative thoughts. Stimulate your brain by thinking abstractly and imagining creatively.

4. SPIRITUAL BALANCE– Spend a period of time to get in touch with your true self. Avoid regressive behavior. Focus your spirit in a complete state of positive balance and enlightenment. Purify your soul with good will and righteous intentions. Maintain honorable and worthy desires. Pray to focus your spiritual energy. Concentrate your spiritual energies and manifest greatness within the world. Discover who you are and express yourself. Contribute value. Provide a needed service. Do good things for others without expectation. Actualize your fullest potential and realize your ultimate purpose in life. Follow the right path and lead directly to success. Achieve your greatest destiny.

BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!!! Once you are in a state of balance and harmony you can help and direct others to reach a state of equal balance and harmony. By embodying a positive state of balance you will be fully empowered to naturally manifest success within the world. Be a stable foundation of strength and generator of potent energy. Be harmonically attuned and resonate a positive life force into the world!

5. ENVIRONMENTAL BALANCE– Obtain stability within your home and community. Preserve a high quality of life in the world around you. Create an environment that will continuously and abundantly provide for all of your basic needs. Work to build an infrastructure that is the model of your highest standards and goals. Ensure that the world around you is in a state of sustainable harmony. Don’t litter or haphazardly dump chemicals. Use products that are eco-friendly. Minimize waste and garbage. Recycle and compost. Practice conservation of resources.

6. SOCIAL BALANCE- Surround yourself with uplifting people. Socialize with positive individuals and groups of people who will help you succeed and give you encouragement along your path. Stay away from negative social activities that aren’t supportive towards your state of wellbeing. Introduce yourself into productive, stimulating, and inspiring situations. Make sure the people around you are happy, healthy, and secure. Interact with positive people on a regular basis. The process of establishing your own state of peace may at times depend upon the assistance of others. Build a personal network of friends who can help you accomplish your goals. Take on large projects as a team and as a community.

7. ECONOMIC BALANCE– Do not finance any corporations that are causing harm to humanity or the environment. Only invest money into corporations providing valuable services that benefit humankind and which maintain ethical business practices. Boycott every industry and product that is regressive and unethical. Do not work any job that provides a disservice, detracts resources, and amounts to an economic loss. Be employed in a job position that provides an essential service within the social infrastructure and that contributes economic value. Work skillfully and get the job completed proficiently. Don’t steal, cheat, or take from the system more than has been put in. Be fair and accept payment for your services in an equal proportion to the benefits attained by the time and labor invested.

8. POLITICAL BALANCE– Work cooperatively with all people in the spirit of unity upon a basis of common values and terms of mutual agreement. Be careful not to disassociate from others because of superficial differences. Recognize other people’s differences in beliefs and try to reach a mutual understanding. Realize the value in joining forces synergistically and maintaining peaceable relations. Manage community affairs peaceably on a basis of inclusion and consensus of participants.