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Videos – Masks

~ An Ohio woman was arrested and Tasered at a high school football game for refusing to wear mask – YouTube

~ Arrested for not wearing a mask in Sainsbury’s Supermarket – YouTube

~ Arrested For Not Wearing a Mask – video – Dailymotion

~ Bus driver accused of attacking rider with metal rod for not wearing face mask – YouTube

~ CALIFORNIA- Multiple people arrested for not wearing masks – YouTube

~ Chicago mom, 2-year-old son removed from flight over mask policy – FOX 32 Chicago – VIDEO

~ Chicago mom, son kicked off Southwest flight when he wouldn’t keep mask on – YouTube

~ Colorado mom reacts to being kicked off plane when 2-year-old refused to wear mask- ‘Humiliating’ – Fox News – VIDEO

~ Controversial arrest of mom in Brooklyn subway station after face-mask confrontation – VIDEO

~ Cooks Flea Market arrest- Sheriff says deputy asked man to leave five times – YouTube

~ COVID- Child with autism kicked off plane – YouTube

~ Denver family kicked off flight after 2-year-old refuses to wear mask – CTV News – VIDEO

~ Disabled Army Vet Eric Matthew Braden Taken Down By Cops for Not Wearing Mask in San Antonio Mall – YouTube

~ Family kicked off JetBlue flight over 2-year-old’s mask refusal – YouTube

~ Family says they were kicked off United flight due to 2-year-old’s mask violation – ABC7 – YouTube

~ Family kicked off flight after 2-year-old refused mask speak out on ‘Hannity’ – YouTube

~ Family kicked off flight- Child with autism not wearing mask – YouTube

~ Family kicked off flight after child refuses to wear mask – YouTube

~ Idaho man arrested for not wearing mask at outdoor worship service- ‘Unbelievable’ – Fox News – VIDEO

~ ‘Incomprehensible’- Confrontations over masks erupt amid COVID-19 crisis – ABC News

~ Man arrested by the police for not wearing mask in Quebec – YouTube

~ Man arrested not wearing facemask medically exempt overeaction by B.T. Police . – YouTube

~ Maryland Voter Arrested After Refusing To Wear Mask At Polling Location In Harford County, Police Say – YouTube

~ Melbourne- Victoria – Australia – arrested for not wearing a mask – YouTube

~ Melbourne woman choked by Victoria Police as she resists arrest for not wearing a face mask. – YouTube

~ Mom arrested after subway confrontation over mask wants justice – YouTube

~ Mom Arrested After Confrontation With NYPD Officers Over Face Mask – NBC New York – YouTube

~ Montreal man arrested for disobeying mandatory mask rule in Tim Hortons – YouTube

~ Mother Arrested, Accused Of Fighting With Police Over Mask – YouTube


~ New Hampshire Mom Says She Was Kicked Off Flight After 2-Year-Old Son Wouldn’t Wear Mask – YouTube

~ NH mom says she was tossed off flight after 2-year-old son refused to wear a coronavirus mask – YouTube

~ Police arrest a black women with a child on a bus for not wearing a mask – YouTube


~ Sovereign Citizen Woman Arrested For Refusing To Show ID After Not Wearing A Mask – YouTube

~ Spanish police arrest 14-year-old for not wearing mask – video Dailymotion

REPORT- Melbourne teenager is choked unconscious, thrown to floor for reportedly not wearing a mask – YouTube

~ University of Arkansas police chase, arrest man without mask – YouTube

~ Utah woman assaulted by fellow Walmart shopper for not wearing mask, police say – YouTube

~ Video shows Birmingham police officer slamming woman to ground at Walmart – YouTube

~ Watch- Police violently arrest man for not wearing mask – YouTube

~ Woman pepper sprays couple for not wearing masks – YouTube

~ Woman tased, arrested after not wearing mask at football game in Logan, Ohio – ABC7 – YouTube

~ Woman removed from Palm Beach County meeting for not wearing mask – YouTube

~ Woman Confronts Man For Not Wearing Mask, Throws Coffee In His Face – YouTube

~ Woman throws hot coffee at man for not wearing a mask. – YouTube

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Videos – Social Distancing

~ Calgary Officers Knee then Threaten Taser boy for Playing Hockey. Includes interview with Police – Bitchute

~ Cuomo Cracking Down On Those Who Disobey Social Distancing Guidelines – YouTube

~ Dad arrested in front of 6-year-old for social distancing violation – ABC7 San Francisco – VIDEO

~ FATHER Handcuffed in Front of Daughter at Colorado Park for Allegedly Violating Social Distancing! – YouTube

~ Man Handcuffed in Front of Daughter at Colorado Park for Allegedly Violating Social Distancing – YouTube

~ Police arrest father at park over alleged coronavirus social distancing concerns – ABC News – VIDEO

~ How The LA Sheriff’s Department Is Enforcing Social Distancing Rules – TODAY – YouTube

~ Mall security allegedly harass, assault couple for sitting on steps, citing COVID-19 rules – YouTube

~ NYPD officer put on modified duty after violent social distancing violation arrest filmed – ABC News – VIDEO

~ NYPD Under Fire After Rough Social Distancing Arrests – NBC New York Coronavirus Coverage – YouTube

~ NYPD Violently Arrest 3 People for Breaking Social Distancing – NowThis – YouTube

~ PSA4 NYPD Anti-Crime Officers Assault 1 girl & 2 guys Over Social Distancing (STORE VIDEO) – YouTube

~ Social Distancing & NYPD Arrests During COVID-19 – YouTube

~ Video of NYPD arrest during social distancing enforcement sparks outcry – YouTube

~ Video of NYPD arrest during social distancing enforcement sparks outrage – YouTube

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Videos – Social Gatherings

~ Couple arrested on wedding day for defying social gathering rules during Lockdown in South Africa – YouTube

~ COVID-19- Man charged for attending social gathering during circuit breaker period – YouTube

~ Florida Pastor Arrested After Violating Coronavirus Orders – YouTube

~ NOPD issues arrest warrant for large funeral gathering – YouTube

~ Owners Of NYC Boat Arrested, Charged For Alleged Illegal Party – YouTube

~ Police- 15 Arrested At Large Funeral Gathering In Lakewood – YouTube

~ Police Raid Home After Neighbor Snitched That 6 People Had Gathered Together – video Dailymotion

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Videos – Stay at Home Orders

~ Wisconsin Police Earning The Hate – Threatening Mom Who Let Her Kids Play Next Door – YouTube

~ Cops Giving Mom A Warning For Letting Daughter Play At Neighbor’s House During ‘Stay At Home’ Order – YouTube

~ Mom Says Cops Are ‘Harassing’ Her Over 7-Year-Old’s Playdate – YouTube

~ Charges dropped against business owner arrested for violating ‘safer-at-home’ order in Pinellas Coun – YouTube

~ Edgewater Sports Park employee cited for violating stay-at-home order – YouTube

~ Officials- Paddleboarder arrested at Malibu Pier for flouting state stay at home order – KTLA – VIDEO

~ Paddleboarder Arrested In Malibu For Refusing To Exit Water – YouTube

~ Pinellas County business owner arrested for violating ‘safer-at-home’ order – YouTube

~ Police begin citing violators to stay at home order – YouTube

~ This surfer was arrested for being on the ocean during the California stay at home order – YouTube

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Videos – Closed Parks

~ Cellphone video shows protester getting arrested in Miami Beach – YouTube

~ Controversy After Idaho Mom Is Arrested at Playground – YouTube

~ Meridian woman arrested during protest after refusing to leave a closed playground – YouTube

~ Mother Arrested For Kids On Playground – YouTube

~ Protests erupt after woman arrested due to coronavirus restrictions – YouTube

~ Woman Arrested on Miami Beach after protesting Lockdown – VIDEO

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~ WATCH- Cops Violate Social Distancing to Arrest Innocent Dad for Playing in a Park with 6yo Daughter – The Free Thought Project

Videos – Quarantine

~ 21 visitors arrested for violating quarantine – YouTube

~ American teen sentenced to months in prison for breaking Cayman Islands quarantine l GMA – YouTube

~ Georgia student jailed in Cayman Islands after breaking COVID restrictions – YouTube

~ Residents arrested for violating mandatory 14-day quarantine – YouTube

~ Homeless man arrested for escaping COVID-19 quarantine speaks out – YouTube

~ Honeymoon Ends In Arrest – YouTube

~ Sovereign Citizens Getting Arrested For Violating Coronavirus Quarantine – YouTube

~ Student Skylar Mack’s Sentence For Violating COVID-19 Protocols Cut To 2 Months – TODAY – YouTube

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Videos – Curfews

~ Arrests Being Made In Downtown Sacramento On Second Night Of Curfew – YouTube

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Videos – Nursing Homes

~ British woman arrested trying to take mother out of nursing home before lockdown – New York Post – VIDEO

~ Retired Nurse Arrested by Hull Police for Saving Her 97 Year Old Mum from an Inadequate Care Home – YouTube

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Videos – Churches

~ 3 arrested for flouting mask order at Idaho church singing event – ktvb.com – VIDEO

~ 3 arrested for flouting mask order in Moscow – YouTube

~ 5 cited for violating COVID-19 orders at Moscow church event – krem – VIDEO

~ Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot had entire neighborhood’s cars towed to stop church from having service – YouTube

~ Church Goers Arrested While Rioters Remain Free – YouTube

~ Church held maskless event in violation of the town’s mask order. 3 arrested. Moscow, Idaho – YouTube

~ Extreme measures taken to enforce covid mandates Moscow, Idaho – YouTube

~ Idaho Police Arrest Three Christians Singing Hymns During Outdoor Worship Service – YouTube

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Videos – Businesses

~ Chicago temporarily shuts down 5 restaurants for COVID-19 violations, owners call for leniency – YouTube

~ Cops Arrest Customers At Local Gym As Revenge For Gym Owners Refusing To Close 1st Amendment Audit – YouTube

~ Ector County SWAT team raids bar for protesting to reopen – KLBK – KAMC – EverythingLubbock.com – VIDEO

~ Five Chicago restaurants cited for COVID-19 violations – YouTube

~ Local businesses protest to reopen – YouTube

~ Owner of Toronto BBQ restaurant arrested – CTV News Canada – VIDEO

~ Police striking café worker during Covid raid arrest as dozens of maskless customers pack into venue – YouTube

~ Salon owner gets week in jail for refusing to close business – YouTube

~ SWAT team raids Texas bar for defying order to stay closed – Fox News – VIDEO

~ Texas bar owner, armed men arrested at business reopening after dramatic standoff with police – Fox News – VIDEO

~ Toronto restaurant owner arrested for defying lockdown orders – YouTube

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Videos – Fines

~ Andrew Cuomo announces tougher fines as New Yorks flout social distancing orders – YouTube

~ Bars, Stores Already Receiving Citations For Not Following Social Distancing – YouTube

~ Fines for violating physical distancing by-law announced – YouTube

~ Fines of up to $10K possible as Chicago ramps up enforcement of Phase 4 coronavirus guidelines – YouTube

~ Gov. Cuomo Doubles Social Distancing Fines – CBS 2 New York – VIDEO

~ Illinois business owners face fines if they reopen too soon – YouTube

~ NYC Ready To Issue $1,000 Fines For Social Distancing Violations – CBS 2 New York – VIDEO

~ Police hand out hundreds of fines at Montreal anti-lockdown demonstration – CTV News – VIDEO

~ “Social distancing” police fine man $1.2K for feeding homeless! – YouTube

~ Social Distancing Task Force issues thousands in fines in Baltimore County – YouTube

~ This city will issue fines, arrest people for violating social distancing – YouTube

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Videos – Hypocrisy

~ As mayor urged Austin to ‘stay home,’ he was vacationing in Mexico following daughter’s wedding – kvue.com – VIDEO

~ CAUGHT! Brampton Ontario Mayor Patrick Brown Breaks His Own Pandemic Rules – YouTube

~ Caught on video- Maskless Nancy Pelosi gets hair done – YouTube

~ Chicago alderman admits breaking indoor dining rules in his restaurants – FOX 32 Chicago – VIDEO

~ FOX 11 obtains exclusive photos of Gov. Newsom at French restaurant allegedly not following COVID-19 protocols – FOX 11 Los Angeles – VIDEO

~ Mayor Lightfoot Criticized After Post Shows Her Getting Haircut During Stay-At-Home Order – CBS Chicago – VIDEO

~ Nancy Pelosi Gets Heat for Unmasked Hair Salon Visit – AIR.TV

~ Patrick Brown RETURNS to hockey rink- Different ice time, different Mercedes, new security! – YouTube

~ Pelosi used shuttered San Francisco hair salon for blow-out, owner calls it ‘slap in the face’ – Fox News – VIDEO

~ San Jose Mayor Ignored Health Protocols During Holiday Celebration – NBC Bay Area – VIDEO

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Videos – Drones

~ A ‘pandemic drone’ and other technology could help limit the spread of coronavirus and ease restrictions sooner, but at what cost? – ABC Australia – VIDEO

~ Coronavirus- China deploys drones with cameras, loudhailers to chastise people for unsafe behavior – ABC News – VIDEO

~ Coronavirus-Detecting Drones Stir Privacy Concerns – TODAY – YouTube

~ Coronavirus NJ- Pandemic drones to monitor fever, crowds from above – ABC7 New York – VIDEO

~ Draganfly to Integrate Breakthrough Health Diagnosis Technology to Detect & Monitor COVID-19 – YouTube

~ Draganfly Vital Intelligence Technology Reducing the Spread of COVID-19 in Schools – YouTube

~ NYPD eyes coronavirus drones to monitor temperature, crowd control – YouTube

~ ‘Pandemic Drone’ Conducts Initial Flights Near NYC to Detect COVID-19 Symptoms – YouTube

~ Tracking drone can detect symptomatic people – YouTube

~ Westport Police to Test ‘Pandemic Drone’ That Can Sense Fevers, Coughing – NBC Connecticut – VIDEO

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Videos – Police State

Police State Contagion- US Plan to Use Bioweapons to Impose Martial Law One Quarantine at a Time – YouTube

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