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Communist Government Seizes Farms of White Farmers without Compensation

Experts Warn of Economic Collapse

I.M.F. – Knowing very well that farm seizures will cause a Zimbabwe style economic collapse, the I.M.F. is more than happy to loan money on interest and put the nation into crippling debt so that it can later enforce drastic austerity measures and inevitably privatize national resources under the control of a few multinational corporations.

Violent Attacks

Silent slaughter – Farm attacks in South Africa – VIDEO –



Brendin Horner

White Farmer Protests Met with Violent Repression

Farmers Must Defend Themselves Against Constant Threat of Attacks

Electricity Crisis – Power Cuts Devastate Farmers and Further Exacerbate Food Crisis

Looming Infrastructure Collapse may Spark Civil War

Riots and Looting in 2021 Foreshadow a Terrifying Potential for an Already Dire Situation to Devolve into Total Uncontrollable Chaos


Food Shortages

Indians Targeted

Billions in Damages

Military Deployed

Vigilante Groups

Orchestrated in Advance

Presentation: Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch


Flashback: South Africa