Life Has been made illegal

We exist in a dystopian state where the very act of living has been made illegal.

People who grow survival gardens have crops ripped out of the ground by police while companies like Monsanto are allowed to poison the land with toxic chemicals and create GMO seeds that self terminate.

It’s been made illegal to grow vegetables in your own yard.

It is illegal to fish without a license while giant fishing companies deplete all the fish from the sea.

People are jailed for collecting rainwater on their own property while bottled water companies are allowed to drain unlimited fresh water even in regions prone to fires and drought.

It has been made illegal to live off the grid and people are forced by law enforcement under threat of being evicted from their homes to hook up to metered utility companies after disconnecting services to become more independent and self reliant.

Police use excessive force to raid medical cannabis dispensaries while pharmaceutical companies are allowed to promote deadly prescription drugs which kill over a hundred thousand people every year resulting in the third leading cause of death.

Farmers are arrested for selling fresh milk and SWAT teams raid raw food markets while the dairy industry is allowed to inject sickly animals with harmful drugs and contaminate the entire world with antibiotic resistant superbugs.

Ranchers are arrested for grazing free range cattle and even murdered while factory farms are allowed to keep millions of sickly animals caged in “flu factories”. 

We are no longer allowed to live freely.

Basic human activities which have been practiced in every civilization throughout the course of history have been made illegal to engage in without a proper license, permit, or certification.

It is illegal to sell food cooked in your home.

It is illegal to be a street vendor and sell goods in public.

It is illegal for artists to sell art in public without a “peddlers license”; and you might be charged with a felony just for recording your own arrest.

It is illegal to play music in public.

It is illegal to entertain without an “amusement license”.

It is illegal to cut hair without a license.

It is illegal to trim or paint fingernails without a license.

It is illegal to teach without a license. Parents are arrested for homeschooling their own children and have their homes raided by police.

It is illegal to run any business without a license to the point that it has been made illegal for kids to have lemonade stands which are shut down by police.

It’s been made illegal for girlscouts to sell cookies without getting shut down by the police.

It is illegal to sell cupcakes.

It is illegal to have food stands and sell fresh produce on the side of the road.

It is illegal to dig holes and plant shrubs for a living without being a “licensed landscape architect“.

Kids trying to work a summer job can’t mow lawns without a business license or will get shut down by state authorities.

It has been made illegal to shampoo hair without a license.

It is illegal to work almost any trade without a license and in Illinois it requires 175 days of training to be a licensed makeup artist but only 26 days to become a licensed Emergency Medical Technician.

All of these onerous laws, rules, and regulations sold to us as being “for our safety” are only meant to give the criminal rackets connected to the corrupt government an exclusive monopoly over every industry while destroying entrepreneurship and making it impossible for the average person to survive independently. 

The harm being caused by these onerous laws which prevent people from being self sufficient is further compounded by relentless taxation that has driven countless people into debt, bankruptcy, and homelessness.

To make matters worse, it is being made illegal to be homeless.

Interactive map: Number of U.S. cities criminalizing homelessness surges

It has even been made illegal to feed people who are homeless.

It is illegal to give free eyeglasses to the homeless.