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  • “more regulation on a head of lettuce than on a human head”

” target=”_blank”>~ Owner of body-donation center pleads guilty – – VIDEO

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W5: Body parts sold in the U.S. and illegally delivered to Canada – YouTube





























































Mainstream News




























































































































































































































































          • Rathburn’s ex-wife and business partner, Elizabeth, testified that they bought body parts from companies that encourage people to donate their bodies to science. In an effort to boost profits, she testified, the Rathburns sometimes bought infected bodies and parts, which are sold at discount because few medical entities want them for training or education. Elizabeth Rathburn pleaded guilty to fraud, and she cooperated with the prosecution. During testimony before the federal jury in Detroit this month, she said that she expects her sentence will be between four and 10 months.

























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































~ 2 Arrests Made In Colorado Funeral Home Scam – YouTube































~ A Colorado funeral home is accused of victimizing families after claims that it secretly sold body parts in the hours after death. – ABC 7 Denver – VIDEO



























































































~ Colorado funeral home operators indicted in alleged body-part selling scheme – YouTube































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~ For nearly a decade, two Colorado funeral home operators illegally sold body parts — and, in some cases, entire bodies — without families knowing about it and often gave them ashes that didn’t belong to their loved ones, federal prosecutors announced on Tuesday. – ABC 7 Denver – VIDEO



























































































~ Funeral home accused of doubling as body parts broker – YouTube































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“Body Brokers”