Buildings, Housing, and Real Estate

Housing Problems


Homelessness was an epidemic in the U.S. long before the covid pandemic began ~ HUD Growth Of Homelessness During 2020 Was 'Devastating,' Even Before The Pandemic - NPR~ HUD says homelessness in US has exploded, before and during pandemic -...

Building Solutions

Open Source Building

Open Source - One Community 90-Second Introduction Machines: Global Village Construction Set - Open Building Institute

Housing Types

Bamboo Houses

~ Magical houses, made of bamboo - Elora Hardy - YouTube


Coral Castle...Built by Edward Leedskalnin In Homestead Florida: The impressive creation of Ed Leedskalnin is a triumphant display of human ingenuity and shows the remarkable potential of what one person working alone can achieve by sheer willpower and intellect. How...

Cob Houses

Family’s Magical COB HOUSE made w/ Earth, Sand & Straw! Austin coder builds timeless cob home using precise patterns 12 YEARS Living Off-Grid on a Sustainable Homestead in a Self-Built Cob Home

Dome Homes

~ Domegaia's Beautiful Dome Home in Thailand - YouTube 15 Eco Efficient Dome Homes Eco Luxury Dome Homes - YouTube ~ Japanese warm house in 2 hours DIY. Step by step (Walls) - YouTube ~ WOMAN Builds Breathtaking SUSTAINABLE DOME HOMES -...

Earth Bag Houses

~ Sons and Father Casual Tour of Earthbag House they built for $7000 - YouTube ~ Teenage Sons and Father build entire Earthbag House for $7000 - YouTube ~ The Family Builds Earthbag Cabin - Full Version Movie - YouTube ~ The Family Builds Earthbag...


~ Earthship Biotecture on the Weather Channel - YouTube ~ Earthships self-sustaining homes for a post-apocalyptic land - YouTube ~ Earthships 101 part I ~ Earthships 101 part II ~ Healthy Homes - Te Timatanga Earthship New Zealand - YouTube...

Floating Homes

Off the Grid on a Homemade Island Off the Grid on a Homemade Island from Great Big Story on Vimeo. Off the Grid: A Couple Spends 24 Years Building a Floating Island Home in Canada ~ 17 Years Living Off-Grid on a Self-Built Island Homestead - Built with Salvaged...

Geodesic Domes

~ 450sqft Off Grid Glamping Dome! - Airbnb Geodesic Dome Tour! - YouTube ~ 15 Eco Efficient Dome Homes - Eco Luxury Dome Homes - YouTube ~ 16 years off-grid in Andalucia - Living in a geodesic dome. - YouTube ~ Dome away from Home. Building our off...

Hobbit Houses

~ HOBBIT HOLE in Washington Built to Live Out LOR Fantasy! - YouTube

Jungle Villas

Build Technologically Modern Forest Houses with Garden and Swimming Pool Living Off Grid, Build Bamboo House with Primitive Skills in Deep Jungle

Pyramid House

~ Gold Pyramid featured on Home Made Travel Channel - YouTube ~ INSIDE THE GOLDEN PYRAMID HOUSE - YouTube

Underground Homes

Idaho modern oldtimer builds underground & solar $50 houses Underground dome house of the family who led geese to fly home Most Unbelievable Underground Homes That Actually Exist! How To Build An Underground, Off-Grid, Virtually Indestructible...

Community Solutions

Free State

~ Stossel on the Free State Project- Moving to New Hampshire for Liberty - YouTube ~ Free State Project - Liberty Lives in New Hampshire ~ The Freecoast ~ Freedom County ~ Free Keene ~ Shire Society Peace, Love, and...

Freedom Cells

~ The Freedom Cell Network – Peer to peer groups organizing themselves ~ What is a Freedom Cell? on Vimeo ~ Counter-economics- THIS is what a REAL revolution looks like - YouTube

Intentional Communities

~ Foundation for Intentional Communities

Liberty Zones

~ Liberty Zone - Safe haven defending the Constitution


~ Ubuntu Planet - Abundance & Prosperity for ALL ~ One Small Town Video Primer - YouTube

Eco Villages

~ Desert Ecovillage Built for the Rain - YouTube ~ Eco-Villages across the US - YouTube ~ The Ecovillage at Currumbin on Vimeo Websites ~ Eco-Village ~ ECO-VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT ~ Eco Villages Australia - Living Simply, Living Connected...

Open Source Communities

~ One Community Global ~ Open Source Communities - One Community Weekly Progress Update #287 - YouTube ~ Open Collective ~ What is Open Collective? - YouTube