Videos – The Red Light Robin Hood

~ Exclusive- Red Light Robin Hood- – YouTube

~ Red Light Robin Hood – CBS2 New York – Video

~ Stephen Ruth Takes Out Traffic Camera (ORIGINAL) – YouTube

~ Disconnecting 19 Red Light Cameras and Turning Yourself In – YouTube

~ Fresh Outta Jail Red Light Robin Hood Fights For The People – YouTube

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~ New York Man Fights One-Man War to Rid His County of Red Light Cameras – YouTube

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~ Red Light Camera SCAM with the -Red Light Robinhood- Stephen Ruth & Hector Gavilla on LI Backstory – YouTube

~ ‘Red-light Robin Hood’ faces felony charges – Vimeo

Videos – Ban Red Light Cameras

IT’S OVER- Texas cities ending red light camera enforcement after ban bill passes – YouTube

~ Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras 7-26-2014 119th and Halsted – YouTube

~ Glendale next Arizona city to ban red light cameras – YouTube

~ Editorial: Ban Red Light Cameras – FOX32 Chicago

~ Lawsuits Filed Against West Carrollton and Trotwood to Ban Red Light Cameras – YouTube

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~ Ohio House votes to ban red-light cameras – YouTube

~ Push To Eliminate Red Light Cameras Have Wide Support – YouTube

~ Red light camera ban in Texas – YouTube

~ Red light camera ban moves forward in St. Louis County – YouTube

~ Some Illinois Lawmakers Renew Calls To Ban Red-Light Cameras – YouTube

News Articles

News Articles – Stephen Ruth


~ End Red Light Speed Cameras – Washington State

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