The 20/20 Plan is an open source information system that has a great potential to benefit people and society and which provides many useful applications in the world. 

This design of The 20/20 Plan is based upon a Universal Classification System which has been developed for organizing information. The Universal Classification System integrates a variety of independent classification systems that are currently used for libraries, industry, government, and science into one seamless organization of all subjects that operates synergistically as a symbiotic organism. The Universal Classification System can serve as a cataloging system for organizing and indexing all types of information and multimedia content in a decentralized yet federated database. The information system can not only manage information for libraries and data stored on computers, but it can also be applied to the physical world and serve as a tool for efficiently and effectively managing all resources that exist within the entire socioeconomic infrastructure.

The 20/20 Plan is seeking to collaborate with other creative innovators to develop open source technology that will greatly improve people’s lives and empower us all to solve the many problems we now face in the world. This is an open invitation to participate in the project.

What is the mission of The 20/20 Plan?

The 20/20 Plan, at its core, is a process for transforming our world into a greater state of prosperity. The ultimate goal is to manifest a beautiful world that enables all people to thrive, enjoy an exceptionally high quality of life, realize the greatest potential while alive, and fulfill all lofty dreams. The 20/20 Plan provides a tangible plan of action for achieving an idealistic vision of prosperity and in our lifetime to create heaven on Earth. To learn more about the spirit of this endeavor read the manifesto.

Thoughts are powerful and whatever we choose to focus our consciousness upon will inevitably manifest in the world. Therefore it is important to focus upon achieving an ideal vision for prosperity and to set our minds upon realizing a state of absolute virtuosity.

The 20/20 Plan is a proposal for developing new information technologies that will greatly improve people’s lives and benefit society. But these tools are not in themselves the end goal but just a means to an end. The immediate goal is to develop new technologies which will help accelerate the world on the right course. But the purpose of the technology is ultimately to enhance quality of life and help manifest prosperity for all.

Is it even possible to create a better world? Yes!

Believe it or not, we already have all of the physical resources which are necessary to build a completely sustainable infrastructure that will yield a superabundance of high quality goods and services, provide for more than everyone needs, and benefit everyone on earth with an exceptionally high quality of life. All of the science, technology, industry, machinery, tools, and resources which are needed to accomplish this feat already exist and are currently within our possession.

If we already have all the physical resources which are needed, then why is our socioeconomic infrastructure totally collapsing?

The reason why our socioeconomic infrastructure is collapsing is due to the terrible mismanagement of our available resources. Our economy is currently generating significantly more value than is required to provide a superabundance of wealth for all people but at the moment a tremendous amount of energy is being wasted and there is massive loss within the system. The amount of energy now being wasted is significantly greater than the energy which is required to build a completely sustainable socioeconomic infrastructure that enables all to prosper. The cost of implementing lasting solutions is actually much cheaper and more affordable than the massive loss being incurred while suffering from these problems. This massive loss is the result of unacceptable mismanagement of our available resources. If we simply fix the problems being caused by mismanagement and develop a system that manages resources efficiently and effectively, we can yield the greatest value from the amount of work that is already being put into the system and generate prosperity for all.

How do we fix the problems being caused by mismanagement?

The first step to resolving the problems caused by mismanagement is to implement The 20/20 Plan.

The 20/20 Plan provides a new system that can be utilized to efficiently and effectively manage all resources and operations within our socioeconomic infrastructure.

What is unique about The 20/20 Plan?

The 20/20 Plan offers a unique contribution in helping to accomplish a mission to create a better world that many people around the world are already diligently working to achieve. 

The unique facets of The 20/20 Plan include:

-A Universal Classification System for organizing information

-A Declaration of Interdependence

-A New Constitution for Humanity based upon:

Human Rights

Civil Rights, and

The Law of Nature

A New Model of Government that is composed of

20 Areas of Infrastructure, and

20 Areas of Operation

-A proposal for developing open source technology that includes a decentralized interface for efficiently and effectively managing important functions within our socioeconomic infrastructure

Is The 20/20 Plan a political organization?

The 20/20 Plan is apolitical and nonpartisan. It equally benefits all people regardless of being democrat, republican, or independent. 

The 20/20 Plan is a new system for efficient and effective management of the socioeconomic infrastructure. It equally benefits all people by saving money, reducing waste, enabling transparency, tracking spending, and providing innovative new technology that is free to use. 

The 20/20 Plan is an open source system that can be used to improve the management of public institutions at all levels of government. It can be implemented by municipalities, counties, states, and even countries.

This is not about politics. This is a call for civic duty. We have a responsibility to improve our government and efficiently manage our resources. We have a duty to fix the problems of a broken system.

The 20/20 Plan offers an alternative to traditional politics and is taking a completely different approach to performing civic duty than simply participating in political campaigns which only seek to elect politicians into office. Instead of a campaign to elect a politician into office, The 20/20 Plan is working to develop innovative new technology and deliver tangible products and tools that will fix the core problems within government.

Every election cycle the U.S. spends billions of dollars on political campaigns and often there is no tangible benefit that is derived as a result. No politician offers a solution for fixing the root problems inherent within the broken system. Politicians only campaign to be in charge of the broken system; they do not provide any alternative model that actually works. 

The 20/20 Plan offers an alternative model that actually works. Instead of spending money on political campaigns this is an opportunity to invest into the development of new technologies that will benefit public institutions at all levels. Developing these technologies will cost only a fraction of the money currently being spent on political campaigns. Furthermore, the implementation of the new technologies would be the greatest moneysaver in the history of the country and taxpayers will save trillions of dollars each year in government spending that is currently being wasted.

Although The 20/20 Plan is not political, any person currently in office or running for office can use The 20/20 Plan as a campaign platform and is invited to help implement The 20/20 Plan within public administrative bodies at all levels of government.