Law of Nature

First and foremost, it is imperative that we civilly institute a new framework for law and justice that is fundamentally based upon the protection of Human Rights and Civil Rights.

Ultimately, the only law that we all must inviolably follow is the Law of Nature which is the true law that governs the entire universe. The Law of Nature works perfectly to sustain the entire universe and can be demonstrated by our very existence of being alive here to experience this amazing world. The laws of nature apply equally to the smallest atomic particle as to the largest stellar galaxy. The laws of nature attain a perfect conservation of charge throughout the entire cosmos where energy is neither created nor destroyed but synergistically transformed into a symbiotic world of perpetual life and abundance with absolutely zero loss in the entire system. Wow! 

It is to our own advantage to observe the laws of nature, understand the principles to the utmost degree, and apply them to our own lives accordingly. Following the laws of nature are key to achieving a life of happiness and fulfillment while disobeying the laws of nature will create needless suffering and discontent.

The laws of nature are simple to understand. The law of nature states that gravity pulls us all towards the earth and if we jump up we will fall back down. It can easily be demonstrated. This law applies to all people everywhere on the entire planet regardless of if they live in one part of the world or another, whether they are young or old, black or white, rich or poor, or even whether or not they choose to believe in it, it doesn’t matter, the law of nature is applied equally to us all.

The law of nature states that if you don’t breathe air you will asphyxiate, if you don’t drink water you will dehydrate, if you don’t eat food you will starve. There are simple laws of nature which apply equally to all human beings throughout any time period of history and together we all share this common human experience that is fleeting and precious.

These laws of nature are electrically wired into our very anatomy and physiology at the cellular level and we are biologically programmed with fundamental instincts that are key for our survival. We are pre-wired with basic instincts to avert danger and protect ourselves. If we touch a fire we are biologically wired to feel pain because the fire is dangerous and if we didn’t instinctively move we would get burned and injure ourselves.

The nature of the universe is not for us to suffer and feel pain. Nature has programmed us to feel pain so that we have the instinct to avert danger; the intention of nature is to help us avoid injury and suffering. Nature always works symbiotically to help guide us in the right direction. So much so, that nature even went ahead and made the procreation of life itself highly pleasurable. A blessing!

Nature will always promote the essence of life, health, and happiness as long as we obey the simple laws. Obeying the laws of nature will always lead us towards pleasurable experience and away from pain.

It is clear by the widespread suffering and turmoil in the world that humankind is not obeying the laws of nature. Nature has provided absolutely everything that is needed for us all to live in perfect harmony and accord. If we get rid of the onerous laws of a corrupted government that have made it illegal for human beings to live freely and instead start applying the laws of nature we can easily solve the problems we now face. 

The Law of Nature works throughout the entire universe to create an omnipresent state of perpetual life, infinite energy, and perfect harmonious balance. The Law of Nature can be applied to human beings and serves as a guide for attuning our lives to a state of harmonious balance. The following is an explanation of how the Law of Nature that sustains perpetual life and a perfect harmonious balance of infinite energy applies to human beings.

The Law of Balance

Absolutely everything existing in the entire universe is naturally seeking a state of balance. A state of imbalance is the causal force of motion that compels all things in existence to seek rest in a state of balance. Everything in the universe that is in a state of imbalance will continue in a state of motion, following the path of least resistance, and will only come to rest once it finds a state of balance. The Law of Balance is a universal law that can be defined anthropomorphically and applied to human beings.

There exist basic human conditions that can be defined in terms of two polar opposites being “balance” and “imbalance”.

Balance leads to life while imbalance leads to death. Balance leads to health while imbalance leads to disease. Balance leads to happiness while imbalance leads to suffering. Living in a state of balance and harmony will enable any person to have the best life experience that is most enjoyable and rewarding. Living in a state of imbalance and disharmony will cause any person to have a terrible experience that is painful and unwanted. This is a common human experience that is shared by every person who has ever lived in the history of all civilization. 

HOLISTIC BALANCE is the complete embodiment of all the virtuous energies and positive forces which sustain life. Without the positive forces which sustain balance and harmony, a negative condition exists that creates a state of imbalance and disharmony. The natural purpose is to utilize the positive forces of life to create a sustainable state of balance and harmony as individuals, families, and communities.

The VIRTUES OF LIFE compose a universal value system that is equally shared by all human beings throughout the ages.

+ Physical +
Life / Health
Safety / Security 
Air / Breathing
Water / Hydration
Food / Well Fed / Nutrition
Warmth / Coolness
Sleep / Rest
Sanitation / Purity
Shelter / Home
Defense / Benevolence
Reproduction / Nurture
– Physical –
Death / Disease
Danger / Insecurity
Suffocation / Asphyxiation
Drought / Dehydration
Famine / Hunger / Malnutrition
Hypothermia / Hyperthermia
Insomnia / Restlessness
Contamination / Toxicity
Exposure / Homelessness
Aggression / Violence
Rape / Abuse
+ Emotional +
– Emotional –
+ Mental +
Mindful / Thoughtful
– Mental –
Mindless / Thoughtless
+ Spiritual +
God / Godliness
Immoral / Immorality
Character / Personality
Nurturing / Nobility
Freedom/ Self Determination
– Spiritual –
Evil / Evilness
Moral / Morality
Ego / Phoniness
Narcissism / Sociopathy
Slavery / Domination
A Non-Hierarchy of Needs

Embodying the virtues of life and attuning our own lives in every way possible to a state of positive balance and harmony will naturally sustain life, peace, and happiness.

It is a clear and incontrovertible MATHEMATICAL PROOF that the only way to gain the most value out of life is by subtracting the negatives and adding the positives. It is impossible to gain any value whatsoever by contributing negatives and decreasing the positivity.

The only way to arrive at a destination of balance and harmony in our lives, and in our society, is to in every way possible attune ourselves to a condition of balance and harmony by embodying the most virtuous positive forces of life and creative energy. It is in our own self interest to obey the Laws of Nature and to seek balance and harmony in our personal lives and our community.

That is the existential perspective, now on to how the Law of Nature directly applies from a legal point of view. Restoring balance and harmony is the only true form of JUSTICE.

Natural Law

The Law of Nature as applied to society can be stated simply as the Hippocratic Oath…“do no harm”, or the Golden Rule…“do unto others as you would have done unto you”, or from a lawful perspective, simply…“do not violate anyone’s human rights”.

As long as you are not causing harm to anyone, and you are not violating anyone else’s human rights, then you are living perfectly in accordance with the simple law of nature. The only law is ‘do not harm anyone’ and ‘do not violate anyone’s human rights’. This doesn’t take a law degree to understand and you don’t need to be a certified legal professional to practice this law. It is simple to comprehend, if someone is harmed, and their human rights are violated, then they have been victimized and thus a crime has been committed. If no one is harmed, and no one’s human rights are violated, then no one has been victimized and thus no crime has been committed. Victim = Crime. No Victim = No Crime.

The Criminalization of Life, The Police State, And Mass Incarceration

Today we have hundreds of thousands of arcane laws on the books that have criminalized almost every act of human behavior. Most people don’t even realize they are unknowingly breaking laws every day and are surprised to find out they violated some onerous regulation that carries serious criminal penalties.

This created a society of mass incarceration where 2.3 million people are now held in correctional institutions, even though 39% pose no threat to public safety, and a total of almost 7 million people are now under “correctional supervision”. This means that right now about 1 out of every 140 people living in the US are currently behind bars and about 1 out of every 46 people are currently on correctional supervision in the land of the free that actually has the largest prison population in the world. What we’ve been told is the “land of the free” has been a great big lie this whole time!

There is no justice in our legal system. Innocent people are paraded into a kangaroo court system with no trial by jury and are forced to plea bargain and confess guilt even if they have not committed any crime and not a single person has ever been victimized. If an innocent person ever dares to defend their innocence they will be relentlessly prosecuted and sentenced to the “furthest extent of the law” with the harshest punishments and penalties available to be issued by the sadistic prosecutors and judges who threaten innocent people with all forms of legalized cruelty, violence, and harm towards their life if a person should ever dare think to ask for a fair trial and God forbid a jury. This is the standard operating procedure that goes on in just about every courthouse across the country. People don’t get justice from the courts but are just present to attend the ritualistic ceremony as they are being processed by the system. 

The system we have right now does not have the actual purpose of preserving the peace, restoring justice, or “rehabilitating offenders”. 

Underneath the surface, the actual purpose of this injustice system is to criminalize life itself as a means of extracting billions of dollars in revenue from the giant prison industrial complex. The corrupt politicians paid by the prison-for-profit lobby have established mandatory minimum sentences that keep people locked up for decades in inhumane conditions so that private corporations can charge the taxpayers inflated prices for rotten food and paid phone visitations while exploiting the inmates for slave labor. The court system works to attain the maximum number of convictions and keep the mandatory occupancy levels with lockup quotas that are legally required by the privatized and profit driven prison system. No one is safe from this injustice carried out by the courts, including thousands of innocent children who have been sentenced to serve harsh sentences in juvenile detention centers in a typical judicial bribery scandal known as “kids for cash”. The current legal system in its very essence is a tool of massive corruption that is administered by sadistic sociopaths who wear black grim reaper cloaks as a symbol of their totalitarian power along with bloodsucking lawyers who exploit profit from the miscarriage of justice. The criminal enterprise enforces injustice and actually issues police quotas which mandate that law enforcement agencies generate fabricate violations for non-crimes and make false arrests; and if the numbers fail to meet the quotas then departments are punished by losing funding and officers are disciplined by losing promotions. This is not serving and protecting the public. The whole legal system at its very core is designed to impose the most excessive fines and punishments for the most minor infractions of federal regulations and local ordinances as a means of generating the maximum amount of revenue for the criminals who run the state-imposed-corporate-rackets at the expense of our most essential human rights, liberties, and freedoms.

Criminals at Large

While most people are being over prosecuted for minor offenses, the most evil of all criminals on the planet who have caused the greatest harm and suffering and victimized the most people remain entirely at large and face no consequences.

We have been burdened with a 23 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT that neither you nor I have had any responsibility in authorizing and yet we all as taxpayers are stuck paying the bill. All that money didn’t just disappear into thin air and it is not a coincidence that the richest 1% now controls more wealth than 99% of everyone else on the entire planet. People think the politicians in government are just stupid and incompetent but this is no accident that they happen to be very competent and successful at enriching themselves and their cronies with trillions of dollars of our hard earned money. This is called stealing and this is blatant theft! 

We live in a world where a man was issued a life sentence for stealing $50 from a bakery. Yet the criminal banksters responsible for collapsing the entire economy, who have caused hundreds of thousands of people to lose their homes and livelihoods, were rewarded with billion dollar bailouts in money that was stolen from taxpayers during a time of crisis.

A young girl was charged with a life sentence for murder after killing a child sex trafficker that was abusing her and other underage girls and yet the murderous war criminals whose long history of lies caused the deaths of millions of innocent human beings have never been prosecuted and brought to justice even when their war crimes are fully exposed in an international court of law.

We have to realize that there is a two tiered legal system that has criminalized the majority of people while giving exclusive privileges to the absolute worst criminal offenders who are enabled to commit unconscionable crimes without facing any consequences.

A Civilized Way to Enforce the Law

This proposition is fundamentally advocating that we immediately begin to institute a civilized system of law with the purpose of actually preserving peace and restoring justice. The way to achieve this is by embodying the most virtuous principles and ideals of humanity and to never again resort to the cruel and barbaric ways of our predecessors. 

The most fundamental purpose of law is to ensure the protection of Human Rights and Civil Rights. The primary objective of legal institutions is to protect human rights and civil rights from being violated and to restore justice in a civilized manner. The first step to ensuring that justice is restored in a civilized manner is to ensure that the law and legal institutions in themselves fundamentally uphold the protections of human rights and civil rights as the first and foremost safeguard against abuse of power and to prevent the senseless victimization of innocent people.

The way for citizens to regain control of the law is by fundamentally asserting our Human Rights and Civil Rights, demanding to uphold the common law as outlined in the constitution, and utilizing all of our constitutional powers by serving as honorable members of a jury to fulfill our civic duty in the pursuit of justice. 

The Power of the Jury

The jury is a centuries old tool that has been utilized by people since antiquity as the quintessential and number one most important means of preventing abuses of power by tyrannical governments and authorities who violate the common law. The whole purpose of having a jury is to put a check on the government from violating natural rights, liberties, and freedoms by giving the sole power of convicting any person for any criminal offense to an impartial group of at least 12 people living in the community who form a jury. In other words, the government does not have any power whatsoever to convict any person of a crime. The only power to convict a person of a crime exists within the jury and is exclusively beholden to the citizens. The government has absolutely no power to enforce any law or convict any person for any offense and all the power rests entirely in the hands of citizens who have the ultimate right and responsibility to render a verdict of whether the accused person truly is “guilty” or “not guilty” of the alleged crimes.

Now in order for a crime to have occurred two things need to happen. First, there must be a victim whose rights have been violated. And second, there must be a criminal intention to commit the act knowing it was going to cause harm. By law, both of these conditions have to be met in order for a crime to occur. So first, if there is no person that has been victimized or violated there is no crime. And second, if there was no criminal intention or knowledge that such an act might cause harm there is no crime. To convict any person of a crime the prosecution must prove beyond a doubt, to a jury of 12 citizens who MUST UNANIMOUSLY AGREE that (1) a victim’s rights were violated by the accused (2) who also acted upon criminal intent. This concept goes all the way back to ancient Rome where we get the Latin terms actus reus which means “guilty act” and mens rea which means “guilty mind” and is the very foundation for the “due process” of law.

Currently we live in a society where millions of innocent people are convicted, sentenced, and harshly punished for victimless offenses when in reality no crime has ever occurred. Think about all of the millions of people who have been incarcerated over the years and even got life sentences for possession of cannabis who languished in prison for decades losing their entire livelihood. Who did they hurt? Nobody. Who did they victimize? No one. Whose rights did they violate? Not a single person. Where is the victim? Not one person claims to have been victimized. Where is the accuser? Not one person ever stood up in court and accused anyone of criminally violating their human rights. This fundamentally goes against the most basic element needed to fulfill the act of committing a crime…there is no victim!

Naturally, whenever an innocent person has been victimized and their human rights have been violated then citizens serving on a jury have a responsibility to enforce the common law, hold people accountable for crimes, and restore justice for the victim. But if there is NO VICTIM there is NO CRIME!

This injustice being carried out in our courts is only able to occur because people are ignorant of the law. People being accused of crimes are never explained the law and don’t know their rights. The lawyers don’t know the law. The prosecutors don’t know the law. The judges don’t know the law. And the jury is never informed of the law. We have a whole court system and nobody knows the law!

The purpose of law is to protect human rights, liberties, and freedoms, prevent people from being victimized, and to restore justice when crimes are committed in a civilized manner according to the common law that is enforced exclusively by a unanimous consensus of citizens serving on a jury.

It is critically important to understand the supreme power of the jury and how it must be applied today in our court system to immediately reassert citizen control of government and enforce the law of the land according to the constitution. 

When the government is out of control and relentlessly prosecuting innocent people for victimless crimes it takes just one courageous juror to stand up for justice and deliver a verdict of “NOT GUILTY”. It is imperative to learn the law and know your rights. Become a card carrying member of the Fully Informed Jury Association and honorably fulfill your civic duty by serving on a jury. Educate yourself and others about juror rights to deliver a verdict according to conscience. 

Asserting our power on the jury is the first step to regaining citizen control over government through the courts. By defending innocent people, who have committed no crime, and who thus pose no threat to society, we can free up our justice system to PROSECUTE THE REAL CRIMINALS who are causing the greatest harm and actually victimizing millions of real human beings.

Which brings me to the second part of legally exercising our citizen power in the courts through the use of a different type of jury that is known as a “grand jury”.

Grand Juries

A grand jury is a group of citizens who are empowered by law to independently conduct legal proceedings, investigate criminal conduct, determine whether probable cause exists that a crime has been committed, and issue criminal charges in the form of indictments. A grand jury also has the power to subpoena physical evidence and compel witnesses to testify. The grand jury is featured in the fifth amendment of the Constitution which states “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury”. It states right there in the Constitution what we must do to hold criminals accountable…we must present evidence of crimes before a grand jury and secure indictments in order to prosecute offenders.

Grand juries have historically been utilized all around the world as an instrument of citizen power to hold government officials accountable for crimes, misconduct, and negligence of duty. Every state in the union has provisions for summoning a grand jury. Studies show that grand juries tend to issue an indictment about 95% of the time. Whenever a “preponderance of evidence” is presented before a grand jury that shows criminal activity it is more than likely they will issue an indictment.

It is our civic duty to hold the government accountable and ensure that criminals in power are brought to justice. To work towards this goal independent investigators and researchers around the world need to work cooperatively in archiving a vast collection of evidence that publicly exposes the crimes of specific individuals operating throughout the vast criminal network of government. For anyone paying attention the evidence is overwhelming and the corruption exists deep within all levels of the state. We must exercise all of our civic powers and operate through all the available legal avenues, compile the clear hard facts, and present this evidence before a grand jury to empower our fellow citizens to subpoena further evidence, compel witnesses to testify, and issue criminal indictments.

Uphold an Oath to Enforce the Law

Last but certainly not least, in order to restore our citizen power over government we need good people in all branches of military and law enforcement to right now step up, honor the sworn oath to uphold the constitution, refuse to mindlessly obey unlawful orders that are unconstitutional, defend our most precious, sacred, and inviolable rights, honorably enforce the common law, and fulfill a noble duty to serve and protect the good taxpaying citizens against all enemies both foreign and domestic.