It’s not difficult to see why there is so much waste and missing money when NOBODY EVEN KNOWS HOW MANY FEDERAL AGENCIES EXIST!!!

Currently, has an A-Z Index of 405 agencies.

But in the Federal Register, 457 agencies were “found”.

The US Government Manual lists 193 agencies under the executive branch, 15 under the judicial branch, 9 under the legislative branch, 8 “quasi-official” agencies, and actually publishes a special list of 48 “other” boards, commissions, committees, and councils that are specifically ”not listed elsewhere in the manual” for a total of 273 agencies.

Trying to read the U.S. Government Manual is a total nightmare of bureaucracy.

The Freedom of Information Act website at lists 119 agencies.

And, “your voice in federal decision making”, lets you browse through a list of 299 agencies…and good luck trying to find anything.

How are we supposed to have any basic transparency and accountability of all the money being spent when after all these many years THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T EVEN FIGURE OUT HOW MANY AGENCIES EXIST!