Beavers are the engineers of the ecosystem, a keystone species that is essential to maintaining a thriving environment that supports all lifeforms. Beavers are nature’s hydrologists, they build impressive dams to stop, slow down, and soak in all the water that would otherwise run off the land. This water replenishes the aquafers and regenerates natural springs. The ponds and wetlands that beavers make are the wellspring of life that calls out to all the other species to join in the party. Amphibians, birds, insects, reptiles, and mammals start to appear out of nowhere and suddenly the area is booming with all different creatures of the earth. Humans would be hard pressed to try and recreate all the work that beavers do for free. They deserve the highest respect for the great service they’ve been putting in over the years. Enjoy some beaver videos!

Beaver Videos

All that Raw Beaver Footage You’ve Been Asking For!

Amazing Beaver Dams!

Beaver Pond Wildlife