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To get started, simply join any one of the Discord chats listed below and get involved in the project. In the various chat rooms are a multitude of subsections covering a wide variety of subjects and topics where you can post links and share cool stuff with everyone. Discord also provides online resources for communication including voice chat and video chat.

Join the project in the main chat server:
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The main action is happening in the sub-servers for the 20 Infrastructure Departments and 20 Offices of Management:

20 Infrastructure Departments
Agriculture and Forestry
Arts, Culture, and Recreation
Buildings, Housing, Land, and Real Estate
Business and Commerce
Civil Engineering
Emergency Management and Public Safety
Law Enforcement, Military, and Security
Sanitation and Waste Management
Social Services
20 Offices of Management
Accounting and Auditing
Architecture and Engineering
Community Relations
Computers and IT
Data, Statistics, and Analytics
Ethics and Philosophy
Human Resources
Innovation and Technology
Inspection and Investigation
Maintenance and Repairs
Management and Governance
Media and Social Media
Policy, Rules, and Regulations
Procurement and Contracting
Records and Archives

Help Build the Website

The following template can be used as an example for building the website.

Each of the 20 Departments of Infrastructure and 20 Offices of management align to the same basic outline which features a brief overview of the Problems, Solutions, and different ways people can Take Action Now.

Each subject area features multimedia content such as: articles, audio, books, facts and stats, images / pictures, organization links, quotes, videos, research papers, and websites.

ProblemsHelp identify different problems in the world that need to be addressed. Determine the root causes of the problem and reveal the source of conflict. Tell the stories of innocent people who are being harmed and victimized. Expose the criminals who are responsible for committing terrible crimes against humanity. Inform the public about how these problems are impacting people and society. Get people fired up to take action.
SolutionsOur goal is to provide tangible solutions to all these problems. We don’t just want to leave people feeling overwhelmed and depressed by all the terrible conflicts in the world. We want to prove without a doubt that we actually have the ability to fix all these problems and many solutions are readily available. Too often people get burnt out with all the negativity in the world because there is no constructive outlet to deal with these problems. We want to provide the light at the end of the tunnel. Our goal is to leave people positively charged with a mindful of viable solutions that can readily be implemented.
Take Action NowHelp to identify the vast multitude of ways that people can take action right now to make a significant impact in our own lives and in the world. List all the ways to opt-out of the problems and opt-in to the solutions. Start coordinating efforts of mass action.

The immediate project goal is to create a clearinghouse of enlightening information. The mission is to aggregate a variety of amazing content in one place that is easy to access and share with others.

Normally it might take a long time for any one person to try and learn about all of these many critical issues going on in the world. A lot of people don’t have the time to research all of this stuff and might not even know what to look for.

Our goal is to make it easy for people to be exposed to potent information on a wide range of subjects and curate the best content to be hosted all in one place. Instead of sharing a thousand different links you can now share just one link that connects all the subjects and presents the full picture. We want to make it easy for people to wake up to reality by showcasing a variety of exceptional content in a unique collection that is designed to stimulate the mind and activate consciousness.

Here’s a list of ways that you can help contribute multimedia content to the project.

Help Contribute Content to the Website

ArticlesContribute news articles relevant to the different subjects. Help find credible sources from both mainstream and alternative news outlets.
AudioContribute audio content such as: audio books, audio podcasts, lectures, music, speeches, and radio broadcasts.
BooksRecommend good books to read for each of the subject categories and help add items to the book list. Contribute important books to the online library.
Campaigns Help to develop a mass action campaign for a good cause using the campaign playbook.
Facts and StatsContribute facts and stats. Help break down the numbers that put the world into perspective. Find the latest and most accurate information on the subject. Provide citations to reputable sources.
Images / PicturesContribute images such as: cartoons, diagrams, illustrations, infographics, memes, and pictures. Find visual content that helps to colorfully illustrate the general points being conveyed.
OrganizationsHelp build a list of organizations who are already working on these issues. Find other people organizing locally, regionally, statewide, nationwide, and globally. Link up other efforts to collaboratively solve problems. Showcase innovative ways that people are solving problems around the world.
OverviewHelp to create an overview for each of the 20 Infrastructure Departments and 20 Offices of Management. Help to identify problems and solutions. Help to define the general mission, purpose, values, and vision. Help to set goals, qualify and quantify objectives, develop strategies and tactics, and to list steps of action for implementing the plan.
Power MappingHelp to map out the local, regional, national, and global power structures. Identify the specific corporations, government agencies, organizations, people, and officials who are committing crimes and engaging in unconscionable activities that violate human rights and the law of nature. Follow the money, power, and influence and visually illustrate the networks and connections.
QuotesContribute notable quotes from famous people throughout history whose wisdom can help shed light on the present subject matter. Literary extracts can also include: adages, anecdotes, parables, proverbs, truisms, or witticisms.
ResearchContribute academic and scientific research papers which analyze the various subject matters. Help to cite and summarize the notable findings and conclusions.
VideosContribute enlightening videos such as: documentary films, internet podcasts, investigative reports, movies, news clips, and tv shows. Help to aggregate and curate a variety of educational and entertaining content.
Web LinksContribute links to other websites that feature interesting content or whose projects have similar goals and aspirations.

Job Roles Needed to Help Build the Site

Content CreatorsHelp generate content to feature on the site.
Database EngineersHelp create a database to host the website.
Graphic ArtistsHelp make the website look really cool.
ResearchersContribute research to the different subject areas.
Web DevelopersHelp to improve the functionality of the website and add new features.
WritersHelp to write articles to be featured on the website

Production Phases

Phase-1Finish creating all of the posts for every subtopic being featured within the 20 Infrastructure Departments and 20 Offices of Management covering the problems and solutions. Generate a new post. Select a featured image. Categorize and tag the post. Embed multimedia content into the post such as articles, books, images, videos, and webpages. Site all the sources of content and add hyperlinks to the original source. Back up the source content to an archival repository.
Phase-2Write a one page script for every subtopic post that effectively summarizes the content and provides an overview of the issue. Once all the subtopic posts are completed, write a one to two page script for each of the 20 Infrastructure Departments and 20 Offices of Management that provides a complete overview of all the pertaining issues and all of the related subtopics. In the written overview for each page, add hyperlinks within the text that connect to all of the subtopic posts featured on the website.
Phase-3Create video presentations for each post on the website that address all of the singular issues and subtopics. Then create video presentations for each page of the 20 Infrastructure Departments and 20 Offices of Management to provide a complete overview of all the subjects and illustrate how all of the issues are related. Use the written script for narration and utilize the multimedia content embeded on the webpages to quickly make a presentation.
Phase-4Present a State of the Union Address that provides a comprehensive overview of our socioeconomic infrastructure; specifically detailing all of the problems that must be addressed, solutions that are ready to be implemented, and ways people can take action.