Opt Out / Opt In

All it takes to transition into the future is a simple strategy called:


To participate it’s really easy. All you have to do to be involved is:

Opt-Out of the Problem and Opt-In to the Solution.

Now you might be thinking to yourself “Wait are you saying I COULD JUST OPT-OUT of all these problems right now?”. Yep that’s what I’m saying. You might also be wondering “CAN WE ALL just opt-out right now?”…Yea it’s that easy. JUST OPT-OUT!

See, entirely all of the problems that we face today could never possibly exist without all of us being somewhat complicit and used as tools of the evil empire where our money, time, energy, labor, business, economy, industry, and vote is used to enable a vast criminal enterprise to destroy the entire world. Without us participating in evil, and thus enabling these problems to persist, the evil would not, and could not, exist.

Opting Out is really easy. You basically just do absolutely nothing.

Simply, don’t contribute to the problem. That’s all it takes!

First step of this radical new idea: Opt-Out of the problem…Opt-Out of the evil.  NOT ONE DOLLAR, NOT ONE CENT, NOT ONE VOTE.

Totally opt-out. Entirely boycott and divest. Don’t give them one dollar. Don’t give them one cent. Don’t give them one vote. Don’t feed evil. Starve evil. Suck out all of the money and votes from evil’s control and the problems will be extinguished. Don’t ever give evil companies even one dollar. Don’t ever give evil politicians even one vote.

Second step: Opt-In to the Solution. Opt-In to Goodness and Virtuosity.

To launch The 20/20 Plan we simply start investing all of our money, time, and energy supporting the wellbeing and livelihood of ourselves, our family, friends, and community and building a sustainable future. We create a unified political movement to vote candidates into office who support The 20/20 Plan.

Here’s how it works in practice. Nestle bottled water company has been stealing millions of gallons of water in a time when people are drinking toxic lead from corrosive pipes. OPT-OUT! Don’t ever buy Nestle’s products ever again! Boycott and Divest! Instead OPT-IN to the solution and invest your money into purchasing a quality water filtration system for yourself, your family, and your community.

Monsanto has been poisoning all the land with toxic cancer causing chemicals while patenting self destructive terminator seeds. OPT-THE-F@#K-OUT!!! Don’t ever give Monsanto or ANY affiliated companies not even one dollar and not even one cent! Instead OPT-IN to the solution and invest your time and money into growing organic crops locally on your own land and feed yourself, your family, and your community with nutritious fruits and vegetables. 

Now this could start getting to be a long list to individually name each and every evil company that we need to boycott and divest from immediately. But don’t worry here is a simple trick that will easily enable any person to know exactly which companies need to be immediately boycotted. A good general rule of thumb: BOYCOTT EVERY PRODUCT ON COMMERCIAL TELEVISION!!! If you see a commercial on TV then that is a product being sold by the evil empire. Your local businesses can’t afford to buy million dollar advertisements to blast all over the TV and on giant billboards plastered all across the country. Whenever a commercial advertisement pops up in your face, make a conscious effort to BEWARE, to DISTRUST that company with all of your SENSIBILITIES, and resolve to AVOID SUPPORTING PARASITIC BUSINESS MODELS. Be an ethical consumer. Don’t buy evil. Boycott and Divest. OPT-OUT. 

Boycotting ALL commercial advertisements is also the first step towards getting rid of evil marketing companies and taking back the public airwaves from the mainstream media conglomerates spreading orwellian propaganda and fake news to manufacture the consent of consumers…we need to get the word out that if anyone dares put an advertisement on TV the product will be boycotted and the company will lose all business.

Instead OPT-IN to the solution and invest ALL of your money into yourself, your family and friends, and the local community, local workers, local businesses, local industries, and local economies. Together we have the power to restart our economy and rebuild our infrastructure.

The rigged economy that is in place today is on the verge of total collapse. Basically the “financial” economy of neo-liberal usury is all a giant Ponzi Scheme propped up with phony money printed out of thin air which has enslaved humanity in a cycle of perpetual debt. The criminal financial institutions and all of their corrupt businesses need to go bankrupt so that the money can flow back into the real economy and our industries can be controlled by the most industrious and not the most usurious. To avoid the predictable “bail out” of the rich who do no work, contribute no service, and pay no taxes at the expense of the poor working people, who contribute all the services, and who pay all the taxes there is only one thing we all must do immediately…OPT-OUT OF THE 2 PARTY SYSTEM!!! 

Not one more Dollar! Not one more Cent! Not one more Vote!