~ U.S. School Arrests: More children and teenagers getting arrested in classrooms – YouTube

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Kids in Cuffs

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Excessive Force

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~ Allentown Police Tase 14 YO Dieruff Student in Her Groin – YouTube

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“Finger Guns”

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Hall Pass

~ POLICE BRUTALTIY – Cop Punches High School Kid In The Face For Not Having A Hall Pass – YouTube

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Hitting an Adult

~ Cop Zip Ties hands and feet of 5 yr old Boy – YouTube

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Hitting a Student

~ Miami cop handcuffed boy, 5, to teach him a -lesson- – CBS News – VIDEO

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Not Doing Homework

~ ABC News Exclusive- Teen sent to juvenile detention for not doing homework speaks out – YouTube

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Late to Class

Leaving School

~ Lawsuit Alleges Police Assaulted, Demoralized 5-Year-Old Who Walked Away From School – NBC4 Washington – VIDEO

Missing Online Class

~ 7th grader facing arrest for missing Zoom classes – YouTube

~ Letter threatens arrest over 12-year-old’s missed Zoom class, Bay Area dad says – ABC7 San Francisco – VIDEO

Not Going to Class

~ City of Albuquerque reaches settlement in student arrest lawsuit – YouTube

Overdue Library Books

~ Library sends police for overdue books – YouTube

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Not Saying Pledge of Allegiance

~ 11-Year-Old Student Arrested In Florida After Refusing To Stand For The Pledge Of Allegiance – TIME – YouTube

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Pocket Knife

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Special Needs Students

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Walking Child to Class