~ America faces uncontrollable STD epidemic: New cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States reached an all-time high in 2016. According to UPI, 1.6 million cases of chlamydia, 470,000 cases of gonorrhea and 28,000 of syphilis were reported that year. – USA Today – VIDEO

~ CDC report: Spread of STDs reaching epidemic levels – YouTube

~ CDC: US sexually transmitted disease epidemic worsening – YouTube

~ Sexually transmitted infection epidemic ravaging the US – YouTube

~ STD epidemic – YouTube

1 in 5 People in the U.S. have an STD

~ CDC estimates 1 in 5 people in the U.S. have a sexually transmitted infection – CDC Online Newsroom – CDC

1 in 4 Teen Girls in the U.S. has an STD

20 Million New Infections Each Year

~ CDC reports 20 million new STD cases per year – YouTube


~ Staggering statistics: The story behind STDs – YouTube

~ STDs still on the rise, report say – CNN.com



~ Sexually transmitted diseases are skyrocketing – YouTube

~ STDs on Rise in Minnesota – YouTube


~ CDC reports 20 million new STD cases per year – YouTube

~ STD’s on the Rise – YouTube


~ STD rates at all-time high in US – YouTube


~ CDC: STD cases at record high nationwide – YouTube

~ New STD Cases Hit Record High In US, CDC Says – YouTube

~ STD cases hit record high in US – YouTube

~ STD’s at an All Time High? – YouTube


~ SNN: CDC reports rapid spike in sexually transmitted diseases – YouTube

~ STD’s are on the rise in the US – YouTube

~ Cases Of STDs At Record High In US, CDC says – YouTube

~ CDC: Rates Of Three STDs In US Reach Record High – YouTube

~ Healthcast: Rates of sexually transmitted disease reach record highs – YouTube

~ New CDC study reveals alarming STD trends – YouTube

~ STD cases on the rise – YouTube


~ STD rates soar; dating apps among the reasons – YouTube

~ CDC reports record high numbers for sexually transmitted infections – WOAI News 4 San Antonio – VIDEO

~ STDs hit record high in US, 2M cases reported in 2016 – Fox News – VIDEO

~ 3 sexually transmitted diseases reach record high – YouTube

~ STDs at all-time-high- How did we get here? – Just the FAQs – YouTube

~ Three STDs Reach All-Time Highs in the U.S., CDC Report Says – YouTube


~ Health officials sounding alarm on STDs – YouTube


  • Reported STDs reach all-time high for 6th consecutive year (2021) – CDC
  • 2019 STD Surveillance Report Press Release – Newsroom (2021) – CDC
    • The newly released 2019 STD Surveillance Report found:
      • 2.5 million reported cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, the three most commonly reported STDs in 2019.
      • A nearly 30% increase in these reportable STDs between 2015 and 2019. The sharpest increase was in cases of syphilis among newborns (i.e., congenital syphilis), which nearly quadrupled between 2015 and 2019.
    • Racial/Ethnic Minority Groups
      • For African American or Black people were 5-8 times that of non-Hispanic White people
      • For American Indian or Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander people were 3-5 times that of non-Hispanic White people
      • For Hispanic or Latino people were 1-2 times that of non-Hispanic White people
    • Gay and Bisexual Men
      • Make up nearly half of all 2019 primary and secondary syphilis cases
      • Gonorrhea rates were 42 times that of heterosexual men in some areas
    • Young People Aged 15–24 years
      • Make up 61% of chlamydia cases
      • Make up 42% of gonorrhea cases

A Global Health Epidemic

U.S. has Highest STD Rates in the Industrialized World

~ U.S. Has Highest STD Rates In Industrialized World. Experts Blame A Lack Of Resources. – HuffPost

An Epidemic of STDs is Raging across the Country

~ Atlanta’s HIV epidemic: Full Investigation – YouTube

~ Atlanta’s HIV ‘epidemic’ compared to third world African cou – YouTube

~ California STD rates rise to ‘epidemic levels’ – YouTube

~ Increase Reported In Sexually Transmitted Diseases In Colorado – YouTube

~ Indiana’s STD rates rise along with US numbers – YouTube

~ Montgomery County declares public health crisis after increase in sexually transmitted diseases – YouTube

~ Reported STD cases in Montana increased in 2018 – YouTube

~ Sacramento STD Rates Increasing At Fastest Rate In State – YouTube

~ SHOCKING: Atlanta’s HIV ‘Epidemic’ Compared To THIRD WORLD African Countries! – YouTube

~ Southern US struggles against HIV – YouTube

~ STD cases continue to rise in California – YouTube

~ STDs at all-time high in Sacramento County, California numbers reach epidemic levels – YouTube

~ STDs on the rise in California – YouTube

~ STDs reach crisis level in Milwaukee. – YouTube

~ STDs spreading faster in South Carolina than most of U.S. – YouTube

Epidemic of STDs amongst African Americans

Epidemic of STDs amongst Celebrities

~ $20 Million Lawsuit Alleges ‘A-List Celebrity’ Gave Sexual Partner Herpes – ABC News – VIDEOS

Epidemic of STDs amongst Gay and Bisexual Men

Epidemic of STDs amongst Teens

~ 48% of black women have STDs – YouTube

~ Healthbeat – Teens and STDS – YouTube

~ “Hook-up” culture causing dramatic increase in STDs – YouTube

~ Racine fights teen STD rates – YouTube

~ Shocking STD Results For U.S. Teens – YouTube

~ STD epidemic – Lateline Australia – VIDEO

~ STD rates on the rise among Florida teens – YouTube

~ Teen STDs on the rise in Oklahoma – YouTube

~ Today’s Teens More Susceptible to Genital Herpes – YouTube

Epidemic of STDs in the Military

Epidemic of STDs amongst Seniors

Epidemic of STDs is Getting Worse During the Covid “Pandemic”

Online Dating Apps Linked to Spread of STDs

~ Dating apps blast billboards linking them to spread of STDs – YouTube

~ STDs are on the rise and experts say dating apps are to blame – YouTube

~ STD rates soar; dating apps among the reasons – YouTube

Gonorrhea has mutated into an untreatable superbug

~ Alarm sounded over untreatable strains of gonorrhoea – YouTube

~ Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea: An Urgent Public Health Issue – YouTube

~ Drug Resistant Sexually Transmitted Infection on a Rise – YouTube

~ Drug-Resistant “Superbug Gonorrhea” Is Emerging – YouTube

~ Gonorrhea Getting Harder to Treat – YouTube

~ Gonorrhea May Become Untreatable, Official Says – Newsy – YouTube

~ Gonorrhea super strain becoming ‘untreatable’ – CNBC – VIDEO

~ WHO Warning: Untreatable Gonorrhea ‘Super Bug’ Spreading Around the World – YouTube

~ SNN: Gonorrhea -Superbug- spreading globally – YouTube

~ Super gonorrhoea: Why your STI could become untreatable – BBC Newsnight – YouTube

~ Super gonorrhoea: Why the STI could become untreatable – BBC News – YouTube

~ This STD is becoming harder to treat – USA Today – VIDEO

~ Untreatable Gonorrhea Is Spreading Around The World- Here’s What You Need To Know – TIME – YouTube

~ Untreatable super-gonorrhea spreading orally, WHO warns – YouTube

~ Overuse of antibiotics could drive surge in ‘untreatable super gonorrhea’ – WHO – YouTube

Herpes is a Raging Epidemic

1 in 6 People in the U.S. have Genital Herpes

2 in 3 People under 50 have Herpes

2 in 3 People around the World have Herpes

50% of Black Women are Infected with Genital Herpes

~ 50 Percent of Black Women Infected With Herpes – YouTube

Herpes is Often Undiagnosed

Outbreak of Herpes at Coachella Music Festival

~ Coachella 2019 Leads To Herpes Outbreak – TMZ TV – YouTube

~ Coachella Causes Massive Herpes Spike – TMZ Live – YouTube

Outbreak of Herpes in Babies caused by Orthodox Jewish Ritual “Metzitza B’Peh”

~ Should Jews be allowed to put their infants at risk because of orthodox Circumcision? Speechless – YouTube

~ Circumcision Ritual Blamed For 2-Week-Old Boy’s Death – YouTube

~ Jewish Baby Gets Herpes After Controversial Circumcision – YouTube

~ Jewish Rabbis give HERPES – Controversial Mezitzah B’peh Circumcision Rabbi Pedophilia Hebrew Tribe – YouTube

~ Kiryas Joel: Baby Gets Herpes From Metzitza B’Peh After Bris Circumcision – PIX11 – YouTube


~ Parental consent needed for circumcision in New York – YouTube

~ Rabbi William Handler speaking to the media outside Board of Health – YouTube


~ Metzitza b’Peh Teil I – Part I – YouTube

~ Metzitza b’Peh Teil II – Part II – YouTube

Ban Rescinded

~ NYC, Orthodox Jews in Talks Over Ritual Metzitzah B’peh After Herpes Cases – YouTube


~ Investigation: No Lakewood Safety Rule for Controversial Circumcisions – APP – VIDEO

Herpes Facts and Stats


~ HERPES database online – US Department of Energy Science News – EurekAlert! Science News


HIV is Still an Epidemic

African Americans are Becoming Infected with HIV at an Alarming Rate

~ African American Communities Face AIDS Crisis – YouTube

~ Endgame: AIDS in Black America – YouTube

~ Event aims to raise HIV and AIDS awareness in African American community – YouTube

~ Factors Driving the HIV Epidemic Among African Americans – YouTube

~ FRONTLINE – ENDGAME- AIDS in Black America – Season 2012 – Episode 14 – PBS – VIDEO

~ High HIV-AIDS Infection Rates Still A Major Concern For The African American Community – YouTube

~ HIV Among African Americans – YouTube

~ National Black HIV – AIDS Awareness Day – YouTube

~ Out of Control: The AIDS Epidemic in Black America – YouTube

~ The AIDS Epidemic in Black America- Foreshadowing the Health Disparities of COVID-19 – YouTube


1 in 16 Black Men will Contract HIV

~ CDC: 1 in 16 Black Men Will Be Diagnosed with HIV During Their Lifetime – Colorlines

1 in 2 Gay Black Men will Contract HIV

~ CDC Says Half Of Gay Black Men Will Get HIV Over Their Lifetime – Newsy – YouTube

~ Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video) – YouTube

Black Men on the “Down Low”

~ Black Men on the Down Lo – YouTube

~ black men on the down low – YouTube

~ BET_Down_Low_Exposed_Part1 of 3 – YouTube

~ BET_Down_Low_Exposed_Part2 of 3 – YouTube

~ BET_Downlow_Exposed_Part3 of 3 – YouTube

~ Hiding In Hip Hop – On The Down Low in the Entertainment Ind – YouTube

~ Project W.O.W. – Men On The Down Low – Dailymotion – VIDEO

Black Women

~ Black Women Hardest Hit in HIV Infected Hot Spots – YouTube


4 in 10 Transgender Women in Major U.S. Cities are Infected with HIV


HIV – Facts and Stats

Syphilis is an Epidemic in the U.S.

~ Congenital syphilis hit 20-year high last year – YouTube

~ Congenital syphilis at 20-year high nationwide, Central Valley cases increase – YouTube

African Americans are infected with Syphilis at a Rate of 4 Time that of Whites

Drug Use

Gay Men

There is an Epidemic of Babies being Born with Congenital Syphilis

~ Babies dying in record numbers from congenital syphilis – YouTube

~ Fetal deaths from congenital syphilis in Harris Co. are up 250%, Houston Health Department data shows – ABC13 Houston – VIDEO

~ Health Department says congenital syphilis in babies continues to be a growing problem – YouTube

Syphilis is an Epidemic across the Country

Syphilis – Facts and Stats

Syphilis – Reports

Infographics – Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Facts and Stats – Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Interactive Map

~ Interactive Map: depicting metro areas with the highest STD rates. – Innerbody.com – MAP