~ Protesters against stay-at-home order rally at Arizona Capitol – YouTube

~ Rally held to re-open Arizona – YouTube

~ Rally to reopen Arizona’s economy – YouTube

~ Hospital workers protest vaccine mandate at state Capitol – YouTube

~ News Update AZ hospital workers protest employers’ vaccine requirements – YouTube


~ Footage of the Arkansas State Capitol Medical Freedom Rally 92921 – YouTube


~ Californians Are Revolting Against the Lockdown – YouTube

~ Crowd gathers Downtown for Freedom Rally to fully reopen San Diego – YouTube

~ Danville Businesses Refuse to Comply With COVID-19 Health Order – NBC Bay Area – VIDEO

~ Freedom rally in Santa Barbara draws about 100 – YouTube

~ Large crowds gather in Huntington Beach to protest Newsom stay-at-home orders – YouTube

~ Oceanside businesses rally to reopen despite stay-at-home order – YouTube

~ Oceanside Gym Owner Reopens Again, Defying County Order – YouTube

~ Rally Against Health Orders Held In Downtown San Diego – YouTube

~ Rally asking to ‘Reopen San Diego’ to be held downtown – YouTube

~ Rally To Reopen California – YouTube

~ Rally To Reopen San Diego Unified – YouTube

~ Rally to Reopen held in Santa Maria – YouTube

~ Sacramento Freedom Rally July 24, 2021 – YouTube

~ Several Bay Area Restaurants Defy Lockdown Order – YouTube

~ SoCal restaurant owners defy orders to close despite regional stay-at-home order ABC7 – YouTube

~ Hundreds Protest School COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate At California State Capitol – YouTube

~ Parents, Former LAUSD Employees Protest Vaccine Mandate For Students – YouTube

~ Parents, students walk out of California schools to protest vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ South Bay Parents and students protest vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Stanislaus County students, parents protest COVID-19 vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Statewide Walkout In The Works Over Vaccine Mandate – YouTube

~ Teachers, Students Around Region Walk Out In Protest Of Vaccine Mandates – YouTube

~ Thousands demonstrate in California against school vaccine mandates Rynor Report – YouTube

~ Thousands of California parents take part in statewide walkouts protesting school vaccine mandates – YouTube

~ Thousands protest California student vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ California Vaccine Mandate Healthcare workers protest in Sacramento at the capitol building – YouTube

~ Health workers in Calif. protest COVID vaccine mandates – YouTube

~ Healthcare workers protest California’s vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Kern County healthcare workers protest new vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Nurses in Bakersfield protest California’s vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Nurses protest new California vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Nurses Protest Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers In Loma Linda – YouTube

~ Some Kaiser Employees Publicly Protest Company’s Vaccine Mandate – YouTube

~ Beverly Hills firefighters protest against vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ People Protest Vaccine Mandate Proposal in San Jose – YouTube

~ Protest against vaccine mandates held in Walnut Creek – YouTube

~ Protesters against vaccine mandates hold rally in Santa Monica – YouTube


~ Reopen Colorado Rally Held In Front Of State Capitol – YouTube

~ Nurses protest mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for health care workers – YouTube

~ UCHealth employees protest mandated COVID-19 vaccine – YouTube


CT LIBERTY RALLY Unite for Freedom Connecticut Wes Jenks – YouTube

~ Face the State Protestors call on Gov. Lamont to reopen state – YouTube


~ Demonstrators gather for rally to reopen Florida in Tampa – YouTube

~ Vaccine mandate protest outside Jacksonville hospital – YouTube


~ Community members hold protest of vaccine mandate at Atrium Health Navicent – YouTube


~ Day 2 protests- Moscow, Idaho after 3 arrests for violating emergency order – YouTube


~ Chicago Protesters Call For End To Illinois Coronavirus Lockdown Hallie Jackson MSNBC – YouTube

~ Chicago protesters demand end to staying at home – YouTube

~ Group rallies in Grant Park to protest stay-at-home orders – YouTube

~ Hundreds gather at Reopen Illinois rally, many without masks or adhering to social distancing – YouTube

~ Protesters against Pritzker’s stay-at-home orders rally at Thompson Center – YouTube

~ ‘Reopen Illinois’ rally planned in Loop Friday – YouTube


~ Employees protest vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Indiana University COVID-19 vaccine protest – YouTube

~ IU Health workers protest vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Protest against vaccine mandate for Indiana University – YouTube


~ Hundreds gather at Kentucky Capitol for ‘Freedom Rally’ as Beshear lays out plans for reopening – YouTube

~ Kentucky Freedom Rally held at Capitol – YouTube

~ Nurse protests vaccine requirement by employer – YouTube


~ Dozens of Reopen Maryland protesters rally from Frederick to Salisbury – YouTube

~ Groups Protest Against USM Vaccine Mandate For Students & Staff – YouTube

~ Students protest college vaccine mandate – YouTube


~ Hundreds of people rally outside State House, urge Gov. Baker to reopen Massachusetts – YouTube

~ Protest against vaccine and mask mandate In Boston, MA – YouTube


~ Anti-shutdown protesters storm Capitol building in Michigan demanding lockdown lifted Covid-19 – YouTube

~ Armed coronavirus lockdown protesters clash at Michigan’s state capitol – YouTube

~ Armed Protestors Storm Inside Michigan Capitol Building to Demand End of Lockdown – YouTube

~ Facebook shuts down Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine – YouTube

~ Michigan State Capitol Overrun by Armed Lockdown Protesters – YouTube

~ Protesters clog Michigan Capitol to protest lockdown – YouTube

~ Protesters, some carrying guns, descend on Michigan Capitol – YouTube

~ Rifles up Anti-lockdown protesters hold demo in front & inside Michigan State Capitol – YouTube

~ Protest against Trinity Health vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Vaccine Medical freedom choice Rally Lansing Michigan , Michigan State Capitol – YouTube


~ Gov. Walz’s family evacuated after threats made during Minnesota Capitol rally FOX 9 KMSP – YouTube

~ Hundreds of Minnesota Businesses Join Forces to Defy COVID Lockdown Order – YouTube



~ Protesters hold rally in Jefferson City to reopen Missouri – YouTube

~ Rally to Reopen underway in Missouri’s Capital – YouTube

~ Public protest against COVID vaccine mandate – YouTube



~ CCSD staff walk out over vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Massive Protest in Las Vegas Against Vaccine Mandates and Restrictions #Protest #VaccineMandates – YouTube

~ ‘My body, my choice’ Hundreds protest COVID-related mandates on the Las Vegas Strip – YouTube

~ Parents protest mask mandate in schools – YouTube

~ Rally held in Henderson against the mask mandate – YouTube

~ Vaccination mandate protesters gather on Las Vegas Strip – YouTube

New Jersey

~ New Jersey Gym Continues To Defy Orders – YouTube

~ New Jersey Protestors Demand State Let Them Reopen Businesses Now – YouTube

~ NJ Gym Owner Defying Closure Order Won’t See Mom Dying From Coronavirus NBC10 Philadelphia – YouTube

~ NJ Gym That Defied Shutdown Order Closed By Health Department – YouTube

~ South Jersey Gym Reopens In Defiance Of State’s Stay-At-Home Orders – YouTube

New Mexico

New York

~ Anti-vaccine mandate protesters attack COVID testing unit in NYC – YouTube

~ Anti-vaccine protesters march to Australian consulate in New York AFP – YouTube

~ Chanting “Wake up New York”! Thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets last night – YouTube

~ Hundreds Gather For Rally Against Vaccine Mandate – YouTube

~ Hundreds Protest New York’s Vaccine Mandate Near Mayor’s Mansion – YouTube

~ Large protest against the vaccine mandate in New York City Protesters – Just Say No. – YouTube

~ LIVE NYC Teachers Protest COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate – YouTube

~ NYC is in full blown resistance with thousands on the streets protesting vaccine mandates. – YouTube

~ NYC teachers cry out in protest of vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ NYC vaccine mandate for school staff draws protest – YouTube

~ Over 1,000 Gather For COVID Vaccine Mandate Protest In NYC – YouTube

~ Protest in Olean over looming vaccine mandate for healthcare workers – YouTube

~ Protesters against Covid vaccine mandate take to streets of NYC – YouTube

~ Thousands in NYC Protest Fascistic Vaccine Mandates – YouTube

~ Thousands protest COVID vaccine mandates and media outside New York Times HQ – YouTube

~ USA Teachers attend protest against mandatory vaccination in NYC – YouTube

~ Vaccine mandate protest in NYC – YouTube

North Carolina

~ Protesters rally in Raleigh demanding to reopen the state – YouTube

~ Atrium workers protest in Charlotte against mandatory vaccines for employees – YouTube

~ Health care workers protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates for hospital employees – YouTube

~ Health care workers protest mandatory vaccine at Duke Hospital – YouTube

~ NC healthcare workers protest Atrium, Novant Health COVID vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Newport News Shipbuilding workers protest vaccine mandate Friday – YouTube

~ Resident speak out at a medical freedom walk-out – YouTube


~ Health care workers protest vaccine mandate at local hospitals – YouTube


~ 5,000 Oklahomans protest mask and vaccine mandates – YouTube

~ Hundreds protest against mandates on masks, COVID-19 vaccine during Oklahoma Freedom Rally – YouTube


~ ‘Open up Oregon’ rally held in response to Governor Brown’s mask mandate, restrictions – YouTube

~ Oregon official to defy governor’s coronavirus Thanksgiving restrictions – YouTube

~ Oregonians demand state’s reopening at Salem rally – YouTube

~ Protestors drive past Oregon State Capitol to demand state reopening – YouTube

~ Protesters rally outside state capitol in Salem, call for state to reopen – YouTube

~ Anti-vaccine rally held at state capitol – YouTube

~ Dozens protest mandatory vaccine bill in Salem – YouTube

~ Group rallies at Oregon capitol against mandatory vaccines – YouTube

~ News Update Kaiser workers to take strike vote Monday, Mandatory COVID-19 vaccine for Oregon nurses – YouTube

~ Oregonians Against Vaccine Mandates Rally at State Capitol US AS WE ARE – YouTube


~ 1,000+ people gather at Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg for rally to ‘Reopen Pa’ – YouTube


~ Protesters demand Gov. Lee reopen economy – YouTube

~ Protesters rally at capitol to reopen Tennessee – YouTube


~ Protesters rally at Texas Capitol, urge Gov. Abbott to reopen economy KVUE – YouTube

~ Rally calls for full reopening of Texas KVUE – YouTube

~ A bar in Texas gets raided by SWAT team for opening – YouTube

~ Open Texas protestors arrested outside of bar – YouTube

~ Protest Rally to Reopen Bars – YouTube

~ SWAT Team Confronts Armed Protesters Supporting Texas Bar Owner Who Reopened Business – YouTube

~ Texas nurses protest mandatory vaccination orders – YouTube

~ Texas nurses refusing vaccine face losing jobs – YouTube

~ Nurses protest vaccine mandate – YouTube


~ Hundreds gather at Utah State Capitol to rally against mask mandates – YouTube

~ Protesters rally against COVID-19 restrictions at Utah State Capitol – YouTube


~ Protesters rally to Reopen Virginia amid COVID-19 pandemic – YouTube

~ Rally held in Harrisburg to demand lifting of COVID-19 restrictions – YouTube

~ ReOpen Virginia drive-in rally near Virginia State Capitol – YouTube


~ Medical Freedom Rally for LinkedIn Live Feed – Oct. 3, 2021 – YouTube

~ Several Thousand Rally In Olympia For Protest Of State Employee COVID Vaccination Mandate – YouTube

~ Vaccine mandate handed down by the state sparks protest in Bellingham – YouTube


~ Huge My Body My Choice protest by Boeing workers against corona measures and forced vaccinations – YouTube

General Electric

~ 750 General Electric Contract Workers walk off their job in Protest against Vaccine Mandates. #SHORT – YouTube

~ GE employees stage walkout over vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ General Electric workers walk out, protest vaccine mandate in Greenville Co. – YouTube

Northrup Grumman

~ Dozens protest outside Northrop Grumman in St. Augustine over vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Northrop Grumman Employees Protest Vaccine Mandate – YouTube

~ Northrup Grumman Workers Protest Upcoming Federal Vaccine Mandate – YouTube

Southwest Airlines

~ “Freedom, Not Force” Southwest Airlines Workers Protest Covid-19 Vax Mandate at Dallas HQCurrent – YouTube

~ Current, Former Southwest Airlines Workers Protest COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates At HQ – YouTube

~ Protesters demonstrate against Southwest Airlines vaccine mandate in Dallas – YouTube

~ Southwest Airlines workers protest COVID-19 vaccine mandate – YouTube

~ Southwest Airlines employees protest vaccine mandate at Dallas headquarters – YouTube

~ Southwest Airlines Scraps Plan To Put Employees Seeking Vaccine – YouTube

~ Southwest Employees Chant Let’s Go Brandon As They Protest Airlines’ Vaccine Mandate – YouTube

~ Thousands stranded following Southwest Airlines flight cancellations – YouTube