A global cabal of international corporations have seamlessly merged with government to gain complete control of all political and economic power which is now concentrated in the hands of a very small group of people.

These corporations that are now wrecking our economy and destroying the planet could not exist without the support of government which is the main instrument being used to sustain these criminal extortion and protection rackets.

Here’s how the racket works: these criminal organizations have long corrupted every position within the entire government. The politicians and bureaucrats are put in place to design a two-tiered legal system that takes away rights from people and gives special privileges to these elite corporations. These government agencies impose all sorts of ridiculous laws, regulations, and licensing schemes which are specifically designed to prevent decent people from living independently while giving waivers and exemptions and exclusive benefits to the corrupt corporations who can then dominate the market, consolidate industries, and make billions of dollars without any resistance. The money we need to live and prosper is stolen from us by taxation and these funds go directly to subsidizing these billion dollar corporations that pay no taxes and hide all their money in offshore bank accounts and tax havens.

The fact is, none of these corporations could ever exist if it weren’t for all the special privileges being granted by government which uses authoritarian power to impose the criminal enterprise upon the public. “Crony Capitalism” is really “Crony Socialism” because there is a merger between corporations and the state. The “Free Market” is in reality a government sanctioned and legalized criminal extortion and protection racket.

Corporatocracy – Globalization, Free Market Capitalism; Economic Slavery
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