Decentralized Open Source Technology

The Decentralized Revolution

The future of the world depends upon decentralized open source technology that has the power to liberate humanity. As an alternative to politics, a “revolution” is achieved by delivering innovative new science and technology to the world that makes the old and archaic systems become totally obsolete.

The current state of the world is unacceptable. People are now under the centralized control and dominance of evil multinational corporations and authoritarian governments which are rapidly consolidating more power, money, and resources to be used against people in an all out war against humanity that is destroying everything good and sacred upon the entire planet.

The dystopian nightmare of a globalized technocratic state is perilously looming ahead as an incestuous cabal of sociopaths seek to fulfill their satanic lust for world domination.

Now is a new point in history where we have the ability to make a prolific change in how the world operates and fundamentally alter the power structures across the entire planet. We have an opportunity to create a new future without authoritarian rulers, without technocratic controllers, without intellectual gatekeepers; to abolish the corrupt centralized control systems and fully empower people to manifest their own destiny.

Science and technology are the great liberators which serve to empower all of humanity. These tools of intellect are equalizers of power and benefit all people without prejudice or discrimination. 

It is time for a radical transformation of power that will cause the ancient monoliths of the past to come crashing down. These centralized control systems are outdated, archaic, and totally obsolete; they are failing to function effectively, quite frankly they just suck, absolutely nobody wants any part of it, and nobody likes them. People are ready for a change. Decentralized systems are the way of the future simply because the design, function, and operability is better and the product offers superior performance capabilities. There is no need to be stuck with these failing systems of the past, decentralized open source technology is the revolution!

We live in the digital age of information and the pioneers of our era must bring forth the next industrial revolution in the form of decentralized information technology. Advancements in this field of IT are key to unlocking the full potential we have in store for our generation and will unleash great developments in all aspects of life, throughout the entire world, generating more value than we can ever possibly imagine. There is a wealth of great bounties which await us and an amazing life experience ahead that is ready to be explored.

An Open Proposal 

This is a proposal to build decentralized open source technology for the purpose of liberating humanity.

Essential tools are required by people all around the world to function in our modern age of civilization. Basic tools for communication such as phone, email, and messaging are needed by everybody. Yet people are stuck paying big tech monopolies a steep price to gain access to the most basic services. In reality, we have the capacity to build these essential tools and make them freely available for all people around the world to enjoy.

This is a call to action for tech developers to unite towards a common goal of building essential tools in a decentralized open source framework. There exists an infinite potential for creativity and the opportunity to develop new products is endless. What is most important is the spirit of collaboration towards achieving a shared vision. There exists a superabundance of talent in the world and many exceptional people with remarkable skillsets. Working cooperatively towards a common goal is the key to manifesting the greatest results in the shortest period of time.