News Reports

In 2015, EPA Workers Caused a Mine Blowout That Released 3 Million Gallons of Toxic Wastewater into the Animus River…Turning it Orange


The Spill of Toxic Slurry was Three Times Larger Than the EPA’s Initial Estimate

540 Tons of Toxic Metals Entered the River Causing an Ecological Catastrophe

The Impact on the Navajo Nation Located Directly Downstream was Especially Devastating

Tribe Warns Residents not to Sign EPA Forms with Hidden Waiver

EPA Says: the Water is “Safe” and Effective for Drinking and there were “No Immediate or Long-Term Impacts” From the Plume of Toxic Slurry

EPA Says: “The River is Restoring Itself” and has “Returned to Normal”

Testing Finds High Levels of Toxic Metals

Water Supply is Contaminated 




Superfund Site

Still Leaking

Clean Up Truck Crashes Spilling More Toxic Waste into a Creek

No Accountability


Victims Still Waiting for Compensation Years Later