Constitution For Humanity

It is Time for a New Law of the Land!

The US constitution was meant to be a living document that changes over time. The constitution was never intended to be the final document for all of time.

Thomas Jefferson suggested in a letter to James Madison that the constitution should be rewritten from scratch every 20 years so as not to impose the power of the dead upon the living. Each generation is naturally entitled to form the framework of their own government and exercise self determination during their time period of being alive in the world. It has always been considered self evident that no person shall be born into a state of bondage or servitude, forced to pay debts, or bound to any compulsory obligations of previous generations. Every person born is naturally entitled to a fresh start in life and be free to control their own destiny.

“I set out on this ground, which I suppose to be self evident, ‘that the earth belongs in usufruct to the living’: that the dead have neither powers nor rights over it”

“On similar ground it may be proved that no society can make a perpetual constitution, or even a perpetual law. The earth belongs always to the living generation. They may manage it then, and what proceeds from it, as they please, during their usufruct. They are masters too of their own persons, and consequently may govern them as they please.”

“Every constitution then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of 19 years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right.”

Thomas Jefferson letter to James Madison

While we certainly have a great reverence for the generations that came before us, we have a natural responsibility to create our own framework of government that serves to benefit people alive today and all future generations to come. We must not be bound by the past but move forward into a brighter future of freedom, liberty, and prosperity.

The Old Constitution is Outdated

A lot has changed in the world since 1776. If the founders came back today and saw that we did absolutely nothing to evolve the ideas they started two and a half centuries ago they might be incredibly disappointed at the irresponsibility of people. Now if we stop for a second and think about developing a modernized system that incorporates some of the knowledge we have gained in all these centuries it is easy to see there is a great potential now for innovation.

People take for granted that we have a right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” which is clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence however not featured in the Constitution. Yet time and time again these sacred human rights have been violated by tyrannical governments which trample upon our natural freedoms and liberties.

This current system of government in every way violates our natural human rights. 

Any person would naturally assume that all human beings have a right to farm their own land, collect rainwater, hunt and fish for subsistence, live freely, work freely, trade freely, travel freely, not be subjected to curfew, not be subjected to “medical” experiments, “scientific” experiments, or any type of non-consensual experiments, not to be spied upon, not be subjected to militarized violence, not be subjected to an authoritarian police state etc. etc. And yet these basic rights that every person would assume we naturally have are continuously violated and infringed upon by the government which acts as a totalitarian state run by sociopaths who operate entirely outside of the public’s control.

There are thousands of incoherent laws on the books which inherently take away personal freedom and create a state where life itself has been made illegal. These laws do not keep us safe or preserve peace in our society. These laws only take away our inherent freedoms and liberties and create a two tiered legal system that benefits the elite group of criminals who have corrupted the system for their own advantage.

The laws that are instituted today are not created to protect human rights or keep us safe. The laws we currently have are created to take away natural freedoms from the majority and give special privileges to a few. We live in a society where innocent people go to prison and the guilty remain free. The United States has become a police state with the largest prison population on the planet. The majority of inmates are being incarcerated for victimless crimes. At the same time the biggest criminals who have stolen trillions of dollars, bankrupted entire economies, looted our infrastructure, waged catastrophic wars upon humanity, and caused the deaths of millions of people remain at large and have never been brought to justice.

The United States Constitution has a Bill of Rights enshrined into law…which happens to be tacked on at the very end in the first 10 amendments. Should our natural human rights be “amended” into the constitution as an afterthought or should the protection of our basic rights, freedoms, and liberties be the very first and foremost purpose and priority of any constitution? Before we talk about electing or appointing representatives and establishing all sorts of institutions and agencies with powers of authority, we have to first ensure that any system we choose to implement fundamentally does not violate our natural human rights, freedoms, and liberties.

The first and foremost responsibility of any constitution must be to protect human rights. Government has no power, control, or authority over people. Government is supposed to be created “by the people and for the people”; it is a tool that must always act in the service of people and which can only be implemented freely and voluntarily by people of a society on the basis of individual consent.

At any time when a government uses force and violence to impose laws which inherently violate human rights it is a condition of tyranny in which the good people of the community must unite together in order to bring the criminals in power to face justice.

Establishing an INVIOLABLE protection of human rights is the primary safeguard against corruption, authoritarianism, and tyranny. 

A Modern Constitution for Humanity

This is a bold proposition that right here, right now, we launch the next American Revolution and take it global!

This is a draft of a new Constitution for Humanity that is primarily founded upon the protection of Human Rights and Civil Rights as the very first and foremost purpose and priority. 

The following outline is a synthesis of fundamental rights, liberties, and freedoms which have already been articulated into constitutional law around the world. Upon this basis of wisdom as a starting point, first incorporating a holistic wealth of knowledge developed by countless people throughout history, the overall conception of rights was enhanced by defining other important provisions which are not yet articulated into law but essential to recognize in order to prevent common abuses of power which have repeatedly been shown to occur. The declaration of human rights hereby proposed goes above and beyond any other such document yet conceived.

It is imperative that we act now as a society to immediately recognize the preservation of fundamental human rights to be enshrined as the Supreme Law of the land.

This proposition is intended to start a conversation that needs to take place between people and communities all over the world. Not everyone will agree upon everything but that’s okay. We must work together to develop a system that best fits our unique needs. On a basis of peace, cooperation, and determination we will find the solutions. The purpose of this initiative is to help mobilize the process and push the starting block forward a bit.

The essential philosophy is to advance human rights to the utmost degree and set the bar as high as possible. Governments will try to convince the public it is necessary to inhibit and restrict our natural rights and liberties out of an artificially contrived fear of others. Instead we should think about what essential rights and liberties we want to guarantee and preserve for ourselves while alive during this precious and fleeting experience on Earth. Once the government takes away your rights it is usually pretty hard to ever get them back. The importance of featuring Human Rights as Article 1 is to prevent any abuse of power which may possibly occur in advance by defining a clear line which must never be crossed. Human Rights are sacred and inviolable and must be enshrined as the basis of natural law in a civilized world.

Article 1 on Human Rights is the first layer of protection against abuses of power by the government. The second layer of protection against abuse of power by government is featured in Article 2, Civil Rights.

There is a distinction between human rights and civil rights. All human beings have certain INALIENABLE RIGHTS that have been endowed to us simply by virtue of our existence here on this amazing planet. Government did not give us these rights. According to the Declaration of Independence the founders felt the basic truth was actually “self evident” that these rights were endowed to us by our Creator. In other words, it’s not even any question whatsoever, and absolutely without any doubt, that we were born with these rights and they are inseparable from our very existence. Government didn’t invent these rights for us. We always had these rights and always will. The duty of government is to observe and to protect our natural rights and to never EVER violate our natural rights.

Human rights define the basic liberties and freedoms that have always existed by nature for all people throughout all of history in every civilization such as: the right to live, breathe, defend ourselves, heal ourselves, cultivate the land, eat fresh food, drink pure water, travel the world, build a home, start a family, have children, have peace and privacy, freely associate with whomever we please, speak freely, express our beliefs and ideas, practice our own spirituality, participate in our own culture, learn and explore ideas, develop skills, work a trade, invent science and technology, engage in commerce, retain ownership of our property, and to be entirely liberated and free. 

Nature has given us these rights, liberties, and freedoms. Life is a gift. There is no cost that nature charges us for this gift we have received. Nature has provided us with everything we may ever need to live in a beautiful world of remarkable abundance entirely for free. What a blessing!

Civil rights define the basic rights, liberties, and freedoms upheld amongst people as a civil society. Civil institutions are a product of human invention and are created to facilitate the keeping of peace and the management of public affairs. 

The difference between human rights and civil rights is that:


CIVIL RIGHTS ARE INSTITUTED BY PEOPLE for the purpose of keeping the peace in society.

Inevitably, in any society there will be conflicts that arise amongst people and crimes that occur within a community. A primary objective is to develop a civilized way of resolving conflict and restoring peace and harmony. 

If a crime occurs and a person’s rights are violated there is a natural need to enforce the common law and restore justice.

The problem is that throughout history different societies have come up with some really terrible ideas for how to go about enforcing laws and justice. Some of these bad experiments included “trial by ordeal” where defendants were forced to encounter life threatening situations and if they survived they were found to be innocent, if not, must have been guilty. There was “trial by combat” where people would settle disputes by a judicially sanctioned duel. There have also been societies where if a child was caught stealing a loaf of bread their hand would be chopped off. Women being accused of adultery have been stoned to death. And even in the not too distant past of the US lynchings were a common practice.

Countless innocent people throughout history have been unjustly persecuted and punished and have suffered unspeakable terrors by halfwitted “authorities” just trying to “enforce the law”.

The criminal injustice system we have in place today is in every way senseless, cruel, and barbaric. Prisons are overflowing with inmates, many who are sentenced for victimless crimes, most of which who are nonviolent offenders convicted of misdemeanors, and many who have serious mental health issues, all prisoners are forced into a brutal environment where they could be savagely beaten or murdered and where hundreds of thousands of inmates are raped and sexually abused every year. We by no means have a civilized justice system in any sense.

We need a legal system that is based upon virtuous principles, founded upon protecting human rights, and which institutes a humane and civilized way of enforcing the common law and restoring justice.

For these reasons it is necessary to strengthen the supreme law of the land with a new bill of Civil Rights. 

Upon studying systems from around the world I have outlined a comprehensive synthesis of civil rights which have been written into constitutional law as safeguards against abuses of power. As a starting point I would highly recommend incorporating these principles into the basis of any constitution.

Human Rights

Human Rights are essential freedoms and liberties that all people are endowed with by nature. Human Rights are infinite and unlimited to the extent that all must abide by the Golden Rule which can be stated simply as “Do No Harm”.

Civil Rights

Civil Rights are civil procedures that are established by people within a civilized society for the purpose of ensuring peace, justice, and the preservation of human rights.

Law of Nature

The Law of Nature is the inviolable law which governs the entire universe. By observing the laws of nature, humans are empowered to thrive in life, manifest prosperity, and advance civilization.